Start Light by Kufikiri Imara

Start light,
start bright.
The first star I see tonight.
I wish I may,
I wish I might,
have the wish
I wish tonight…
But the city lights were too bright.
I reached up and grabbed a
It’s hard to handle the glare when you’re a creature of the night.
A creature of habit accustomed to not having it,
but I ain’t going out like that,
so I jack it.
I lost my brother to shots from a 9mm slug.
I lost my sister to shooting up on drugs.
I never knew my mother so I don’t know the warmth of her hugs.
I never knew my father, surprised I still turned into a thug?
Old folks don’t come around no more,
afraid they’re going to get mugged.
A pup in a pack with criminality.
Running the streets with a wounded animal mentality.
It fucks with your head when you wake up feeling like the walking dead.
Never thriving,
just surviving,
homies dying,
a stone heart
so never crying.
The tears don’t fall but the liquor do,
can’t pour out my heart so I pour out some booze.
You stop wondering why they had to die so soon
when you’ve been through, what I’ve been through.
I’m getting mine today because tomorrow could be my funeral.
Another kid dead in the streets
for his chain
and his sneaks.
Everyday babies having babies, burying babies, now tell me that ain’t crazy.
The hate you give little infants fucks everyone.
It’s a life or death game of cops and robbers, living and dying by the gun.
Why you mad when you’re the one who made me.
I didn’t ask for this life
it was the one they gave me.
I stopped talking to God when there was no more Angels left to save me.
Numb to the pain so nothing can faze
Most everyone I know is locked up or shot up,
so tell me,
how bad were the 80s?
Tunnel vision as narrow as the barrel of a gun. Everyone looking at me like public enemy number 1.
That’s why they don’t want to see me make 21.
Short of breath
always on the run.
Trying to come up,
but the world is pulling me down.
A ward of the state
I was raised in the lost and found.
They told me I’m predisposed to be a criminal because
my skin is brown and my daddy ain’t never been around.
Now how that sound?
Walk into a store and they follow me around.
I’ve been wearing the same pants for more than a week,
holes in my socks,
nothing to eat.
I only go to school to take P.E.
Learned all my chemistry in the streets.
They say my life is meant for more
but I can’t see it.
An institutionalized mind conditioned to my environment.
Self-medicated with each hit.
Don’t talk to me about the future,
I won’t be here to witness it.

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