Paris by O’ar Pali

I threw a net
Into the sea of life,
To see
What it would bring
To me.

And from that net
Rose a city
That would forever be –
My life
My love
My misery
And tranquility.

Painted as though for a
Masquerade, it stared
Out in plea,
Singing out,
Onto me.

That temptress,
Sorceress of dreams,
Of stories, unforeseen,
Paris –
My home,
That fated –

With her maddening
She broke my train of time and thought,
Arresting me at her
Feet repeating, repeating,
“Say – you’re mine. Be mine, cherie.”

And I, like a teenage boy, I gave into her,
And told her, “Have your way.”
So like a great woman
She taught and demised,
While I like a lover
Perished in her truth
And lies.

Until one day just as Old Odysseus,
The sea
Beckoned me
And asked me leave
Dear Circe,
And be free.

So Paris,
Mother to lovers,
Broken hearts,
Forgotten children,
All that was,
And will be,

I wish you this sweet “Adieu”
And sing,
Like you sang
In glee

The words
Have changed
In this longing
Passing of
Time, to simply, “You will, forever, be – my dearest melody.”

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