Editorial Staff

Genna Rivieccio
Genna has never more closely identified with an exchange from literature than, “How did you go bankrupt?” “Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.” She has a screenwriting degree that led her to flee L.A. and, among other things, start a literary magazine.

Armando Jaramillo Garcia
Editorial Advisor, Poetry
Armando eats, sleeps and breathes poetry. He is a man who experienced New York in the 1980s and, to boot, worked at Saint Marks Bookshop during that time. And even though he’s lived through it all, he is still “Renewed by Everything” (as one of his poems is called).

Anton Bonnici
Editorial Advisor, Fiction
Anton is a Paris-based writer and the Artistic Director of the Paris Fringe International Theatre Festival and the founder of Of Potters’ Demons, an international, collaborative research and creativity lab focused on text, image and performance. He teaches The Craft of Master Playwrights at Paris Institute for Critical Thinking (PICT).

Malik Crumpler
Malik is the type of person you imagine was mixed from a few different ingredients to form an elixir that would spring him out of a beaker as opposed to being someone actually born in the conventional way. This quality influences all facets of his art, whether music, poetry or straight up ranting. He currently lives in Paris, like a sensible person of the romantic past.

Contact: theopiatemagazine@gmail.com.