The Opiate Alumni



Henry Giardina, “Triptych”

Eric Todd, “Janet”

Andre Harris, “Party on the Hillside”

Sabra Embury, “Billionsburg”

Hannah Lillith Assadi, “Letter”

Camille Navarro, “The Sample”


Rob C.L. Crawford, “Year of the Horse”

Stu Watson, “The False Friend”

Malik Crumpler, “When I Was A Husband”

Amanda Killian, “February”



Josiah Golojuh, “The Corpse Boy”

David Rice, “Joey In Vermont”

Daniel Adler, “Sebastian’s Babylon”


Zeke Greenwald, “Toilet” and “What She Asked Me”

Matt Nelson, “How Can I Help?”

Laura Sims, Olga poems

Paige Taggart, “Durance of High-Values” and “Distressed Blue Linoleum”

Larry Jones, “The $5- poem” and “Prayer for New York City 2070”



Enzo Scavone, “The Gothamid Prince”

Tom Harper, “Sunday in Albertville”

Ron Kolm, “A Sea Change”

William C. Blome, “The Neighbor/Owner”


Kyle J. Skovira, “Hypnagogia”

Christopher Mulrooney, “brutalism,” “googly” and “house of winds”

Cooper Wilhelm, “Everyone I’ve Spoken To Doesn’t Want You To Succeed” and “Holy Are the Disembodied”


Tom Holmes, “Katherine Mansfield as Literary Fauvist”



Michael Anthony, “The Muse of Fountain Avenue”

Joel Allegretti, “A Picnic Lunch With Ham Sandwiches and a Beatles Song”

Gael DeRoane, “The Curious Life of Myles Dunning”

Sasha Sosnowski, “Helpless, An Exercise…”


Peggy Aylsworth, “Straight With Necessary Curves”

Nova Reeves, “Motion (little death)”

Sandy Wang, “Onion”

Scott Penney, “Thoughts on a diamond-studded skull by Damien Hirst”

Scott Sherman, “Idols”

Stuart Jay Silverman, “Will Marxism Give Health to the Sick?” and “Ballad of the Three-Gaited Whores”

John J. Trause, “Gaius Caligula, Gephyromaniac”

Ryan Fox, “Marriage”



Scott Rooker, “The Businessman”

Tamas Dobozy, “Field Recordings”

T.E. Wilderson, “Happy Hour”

Barrie Darke, “Reclamation”

Jonathan Doughty, “Obstreperous Throat”


Rich Ives, “Pruning Shears”

James Capozzi, “Myth of Origins”

Catherine B. Krause, “The Church of Nothing,” “My Ex-Partner,” “Fine” and “your fetishes”

Greg Moglia, “The Silk Nightie” and “Famished”

Michael Berton, “And Then There Were Those…” and “Knock Yourself Out”



Amy C. Berg, “The Argonauts”

Michael Tilley, “Lovers’ Rock”

Malik Crumpler, “Enheduanna: Rapping With Grandma’s Ghost”

Sam Farhi, “Don’t Matter”


Morgan Bazilian, “So Much Softer Than I Did Back Then”

Larry Jones, “The Idyllic Landscape of the Male”

Leanne Grabel, “Toothpicks” and “Blame”

Jeffrey Neilson, “End Zone”

Dharma Khalsa, “Sensation”

Manuela Williams, “Sentencing” and “Something you can do”

Debarun Sarkar, “The Metro A/C”

Lorcán Black, “Ghost in the Machine”

Jenny MacBain-Stephens, “Premonition” and “The Yoga Teacher”



Shay Siegel, “Carlin, David”

Joel Streicker, “I’m Really Going to Miss This”

Jo Mortimer, “Sparks”

Evelyn Sharenov, “The Hood”

John M. Keller, “The Death of James Franklin”


John Gosslee, “Knocking on the Night Sky”

A.G Price, “Unstable Ground”

Joseph Harms, “Mortmain”

Jackie Sherbow, “Narcissus, tulipa, cerebral cortex”

Chris Campanioni, “We Hope You Enjoy the Selection”

Kailey Tedesco, “I Hear Evil Enter Through the Nothing of Me”



Max DeVoe Talley, “There’s A Hole in the Sky”

Hailey Foglio, “The Greatest Show on Earth”

Michael Howard, “Left and Right”

Mathew Michael Hodges, “Accidental Sabotage”

Cooper Wilhelm, “So Jung Kommen Wir Nicht Mehr Zusammen”

Leanne Grabel, beginning of Brontosaurus serialization with Chapter 1


David Z. Morris, “Parents”

Stephanie Macias, “Cocktail”

David Leo Sirois, “The Flavor of Water” and “Rest works wonders.”

Sarah Francois, “Loving Bodega Men”



Edmund Hardy, “At Stella Magna,” from his novel, Motley Apostles

Samuél Lopez-Barrantes, “The Requisitions”

Robert Boucheron, “Unusual Cities”

Anton Bonnici, “Some Stupid Bitch Killed Ana Peaceful, Conversation 1”

Harry McEwan, “Smoke and Shadows,” from his novel, Gray House

Leanne Grabel, Brontosaurus, Chapter 2: Doom


Phillipe Vicente, “Lesser of”

Christine Stoddard, “Jaguar in the Cotton Field”

Donna Dallas, “Closed for Renovation”

Laura Bernstein, “Elijah McCoy in Edinburgh”

Alex R. Encomienda, “The Wayward Clockmaker”

Bray McDonald, “Theology 101”

Yuan Changming, “Modern Jewish Theology”

Rich Ives, “Landscape With a Large Bowl of Peacock Eggs (Temporary Humility in the Elevation of the Self-Referential Gift)”

R.M. Cymber, “Sculptor”

Yann Rousselot, “Hug Drugs”

Nicole Goodwin, “I am not your clay”



Meg Drislane, “In Defense of Endangered Species”

Max DeVoe Talley, “Can I Help You?”

Ray Jicha, “King of the Normals”

Anton Bonnici, “Some Stupid Bitch Killed Ana Peaceful (Or Four Unbelievable Conversations and a Murder): Conversation 2”

Jason Michael Martin, “Screen Tests From a Marriage”

Leanne Grabel, Brontosaurus, Chapter 3: Facts About Ultimate Fear


John Turanyi, “Lampposts on the Desolate St. of Your Eyes”

Michael Salcman, “The Painting Commissions Its Audience”

Cameron Morse, “The Lost Horizon”

A.G. Price, “Beast”

John Gosslee, “Green Belt”

Craig Kite, “Damn that was a dark speech.”

Erica Schreiner, “Modern Flame”

Lance LeGrys, “Kreutzer Sonata”

Ankó, “Postpartum II The Mountain” and “Completion”

Chris Fahrenthold, “An Afternoon Colloquium”

Haylee Massaro, “But I went”

Bruce McRae, “I and I”

Thomas Fucaloro, “The Farmhouse”

Marissa Glover, “History Is Now and England”



Salvatore Difalco, “Minotaur”

Tim Conley, “Her Feet”

Armando Carlo-Gonzalez, “Bivouac”

Lisa Attanasio, “The News About Edward”

Mary Di Lucia, “Untranslatable” & “Gena”

David Z. Morris, “Pyramid”

Anton Bonnici, “Some Stupid Bitch Killed Ana Peaceful (Or Four Unbelievable Conversations and a Murder): Conversation 3”

Erin Smith, “The Yellow Wrapper”

Leanne Grabel, Brontosaurus: Chapters 4-6


Kathryn Chan, “Lyndsay and Paris” & “Dear John”

Kenneth Kesner, “Saut de Chat” & “still somehow”

Jacklyn Jankesela, “Fuck Your Church”

Andrew Fenstermaker, “The Silence We Have Driven From Our World”

Colin Dodds, “The Last Lust”

Craig Bruce McVay, “Into the River” & “Use Nouns and Verbs”

Timothy Robbins, “Lavatory,”

Natalie Crick, “Shadows at Night”

S.A. Gerber, “Commentary”

Michael Marrotti, “The Second Day” & “Sobriety”

David Barnes, “Molotov”

Amy Barry, “Fall”

Kinga Fabó, “Amants,” “Androgène,” “Anesthésie,” “Je ne suis pas une ville,” “Le parfum de Süskind” & “Poison”

Bruce Edward Sherfield, “The Decent Things to Do,” “The Creator” & “Failure looks a lot like Father”

Edward Bell, “Stacey”

Paul Harden, “Today”

Nina Živančević, “Active Acting Anarchist”

Khalil Anthony, “Fight”

Steve Dalachinsky, “Epitaph”



Max DeVoe Talley, “Dishevel Me”

Rebekah Coxwell, “Music”

Christoffer Felix Wahlberg, “Kafka and Campari”

Anton Bonnici, “Some Stupid Bitch Killed Ana Peaceful (Or Four Unbelievable Conversations and a Murder): Conversation 4”

Jeff Gibbs, “Youth, Stand Firm”

Laura Mega, “The Man With the Circus Inside”

Leanne Grabel, Brontosaurus: Chapters 7-9

Chika Onyenezi, “The Life of Abdul Baari”


Joel Allegretti, “The Day After the Night John Lennon Died”

Martin Ott, “The Country of the Dead”

Joan McNerney, “Eleventh Hour”

Richard Weaver, “In the spectrum of diminished expectations”

Ann Christine Tabaka, “Lost Words”

Michael Berton, “Rapture in Synesthesia (in the Borghese Gallery)”

Donovan James, “Americans on Holiday”

Domenic Scopa, “When Lithium Stops Working”

Timothy Robbins, “From the Gallery”

Alex Feldman, “Wrong Time…Oh Well”

Marissa J. McCants, “Hey Joe” and “Handsome Silver Fox”

Matthew Peluso, “View From a Stopped Train”



Zeke Greenwald, “Moons (Part I)”

Jacob Harrell, “Susan”

Kenneth Vanderbeek, “The Pokes in Slowdown”

Marissa J. McCants, “The Un-Husband”

J.L. Horner, “Ruthie Kane”

Brett Stout, “Of Plumbing and Nightmares” and “The East Point Vein of Depression”

Mather Schneider, “Excerpts From the Bacanora Notebooks: The Fire”

Jason Francis Mc Gimsey, No go dito gnente: Preface

Conor O’Sullivan, “Unicorn”

Leanne Grabel, Brontosaurus: Chapters 10-11


Stinson Anderson, “Remembrance”

Adam Gunther, “The Shark Moving Onward”

Erica Schreiner, “Painting the Roses”

Megan Mealor, “Slipshod”

Ingrid Casey, “Psyche,” “Maleficent” & “Atheism is Tinder”

Sarah Helena, “Krishna Plays Jazz”

Edward L. Canavan, “faith and savagery”

Thomas Fucaloro, “It’s always funny until someone throws a frozen waffle at your head and then it’s just serious”

Kim Cope Tait, “Fire Drill”

Isa Guzman, “The Unreliable Witness”

Deirdre Fagan, “No one knew”

Alexandra Antonia Klimenko, “Another Kodak Moment” & “Sea of Dreams”

Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar, “I find my marriage”

Alison Grace Koehler, “We go to floors seven and eight”


Cecilia Knapp, “Bodies”

Amy Barry, “This could be hell”

Nicholas Calderbank, “Golden Boy”

Robin Lee Kelly, “security”

Tongo Eisen-Martin, “Faceless”



Ron Kolm, “Encyclopedia Salesman”

Matt Jones, “Sea Monsters”

Christopher Love, “La Vampire du Vieux Carré”

David Leo Rice, “PornMe2: Gribby in Space”

Drew Buxton, “Tilikum Gets Loose”

Jason Francis Mc Gimsey, No go dito gnente, Chapter 2: The Professor

Charles Rammelkamp, “What’s in a Name?”

Leanne Grabel, Brontosaurus: Chapters 12-16


DS Maolalai, “Competition”

Timothy Robbins, “The Building Manager” & “After a Breakup”

Daisy Bassen, “Analysis”

Amy Poague, “Study Abroad, Travel Light, Breathe Light”

Steve Denehan, “No School”

Margarita Serafimova, “After a Time”

Martin Parsons, “The Gravy Boat”

Lawdenmarc Decamora, “Tabs”

Matthew Corey, “Jeet Kune Do”

Donna Dallas, “Modern Wives Club” & “Mother Symposium”

Jason Stoneking, “The Fuckers”

Joan Struthers, “The Sheep Shearer”

Christine Butterworth-McDermott, “She longs to be my friend, she says” & “Predictions”

Michael Lyle, “Night Thirst”

M. A. Istvan Jr., “The Blur” & “Thirteen Angles on Hate”

Wes Civilz, “Wikipedia erasures of articles of famous women.”

Gary Galsworth, “Iterations”

Steven C. Reese, “First Congress of New Words After Babel”

Robert W. Henway, “An Excerpt Found Beneath a Cushion”



GiGi Gaczewski, “The World Without Night”

Olivia Fenn, “I Will Not Talk About Resilience. I Will Not.”

Christoffer Felix Wahlberg, “Kafka and Campari (cont’d)”

Peter Crowley, “Flushing Bullshit”

Darius Jamal VanSluytman, “The Call”

Laura Mega, “The Maggots”

James Kincaid, “Seeking the Thugs”

Teresa Burns Murphy, “Hooks”

Leanne Grabel, Brontosaurus: Chapters 17-22


Amy Barry, “Affliction”

Gale Acuff, “Sac” and “Four Bits”

Matthew Peluso, “On Marriage: A Sonnet”

Margarita Serafimova, “Pigeons Now Live in the Ruins”

Joseph Buehler, “Masks”

Syed Zaman, “Face-scape,” “Emerald Eyes” & “Paused Daydream”

Xavier Jones, “Standing in the Rain” and “Summer Storm”



Ewa Mazierska, “Family Man”

Salvatore Difalco, “Enter Night”

Jonathan Kravetz, “Diva”

Zeke Greenwald, Moons Part II

Leanne Grabel, Brontosaurus: Chapters 23-27

Mike Lee, “The Sword of Gnosis”


Erica Schreiner, “Johnny”

Susan Richardson, “Road Trip,” “The Sun Creeps Up and Swallows Joy” & “Counterfeit”

Cameron Gorman, “Treehouse”

Harley Claes, “The Happiest Man on Earth”

Francisco Orozco, “For the Central American Refugee Caravan”

Jonathan Dowdle, “Play the Illusion”

Steve Denehan, “Lungs” & “November”

Dan Raphael, “People Get Ready” & “A Cornucopia at Zero”

Lou Graves, “Why Write a Letter When You Can Write a Song or a Poem?”

Mitchell Grabois, “Ovals” & “Normalcy”

Heidi Seaborn, “A Clean Kitchen”

Jessica Fischoff, “Medusozoa” & “Savage”

John Gosslee, “Privilege”



Dahna Cohen Schwartz, “Autumn Ocean Crashing”

Youssef Alaoui, “When the Phone Rang”

Max DeVoe Talley, “All That Is Unknown”

O’ar Pali, “The Boy Who Found the Compass”

Leanne Grabel, Brontosaurus: Chapters 28-30


Bob Chikos, “Probably”


Julio Monteiro Martins translated by Helen Wickes & Donald Stang, “The Museum of the Statues of Salt” (original title: “Il Museo Delle Statue di Sale”) & “Everyone Is Asleep” (original title: “Dormono Tutti”)  

Liz Duff Young, “minor chthonic gods and grandmothers (Montreuil cemetery)” 

Maureen Siegel, “Field Trip” 

Alex Feldman, “Her Tuesday Night Call; A Precursor to My Friday Night Loneliness OR From Her End of the Line,” “Men Are,” “Just a Shitty Poem” & “Black” 

Martin Parsons and Aidan Parsons, “The Weekend Strut”  

Martin Parsons, “Halley’s comet will still pass”

Laura C. Wendorff, “The Old King” & “Math Facts”



Ewa Mazierska, “Sunset Boulevards, Budapest, AD 2018”

Ashok Rajamani, “Sari Romance”

Joseph V. Pali, “The Horn”

Mary Bunten, “The Way Things Work”

Leanne Grabel, Brontosaurus: Chapters 32-35


Donna Dallas, “Sub-divinity,” “Yeah, But How ‘Bout A Napkin?” & “Zoning”

Juanita Rey, “In My Realm”

Layla Lenhardt, “Sylvia’s Son”

Alan Elyshevitz, “I Feel Threatened”

Janna Grace, “Why Do Snapchats Disappear?”

Thomas Wells, “City of Palls”

Bojana Stojcic, “Women With Drawers”

Syed Zaman, “Between Body and Breath”

Hunter Boone, “In the Belly of Sentient Beings”

Adam Hanover, “Toreo”

Jennifer Stephenson, “Arguments In Relationship”

Cameron Morse, “KFC Rhapsody”

Inès Giudici, “Compulsion to Bury”

Matthew Corey, “Meditation on a Pine”

Timothy Robbins, “The Line”

Victor Marrero, “Prophecy” & “Disintegration of Stars”

Rufo Quintavalle, “Permutations”


Ann Christine Tabaka, “The Insanity of It All

Steve Denehan, “Sharks Die When They Stop Moving


Deirdre Fagan, “Bartering in MI

Martin Ott, “How Russia Hacks You

Martin Parsons, “The Darkening Green

Joan McNerney, “Fear

Layla Lenhardt, “Muted Mixtape

Victor Marrero, “Brushwork

Ewa Mazierska, “A Letter From the Other Side

Janna Grace, “This Is Not A Power Play

Joseph V. Pali, “Quiet Quandary of the Quill

Inès Giudici, “Congratulations, you are a sexual offender!” & “The Ring

Micol Bez, “Antecedent—What? No Tweets Yet?

Juanita Rey, “A Girl and Her Passport

Hunter Boone, “Ms. Alligator,” “A Bowl of Jesus Christ Rice” & “Me and Dorothea and the Rocket Wheel

Alan Elyshevitz, “Tract

Rufo Quintavalle, “This Too

John Jack Jackie (Edward) Cooper, “Simulacrum

O’ar Pali, “Untitled” & “Let’s Drink

David Leo Rice, “The Dead Mall: A Story for Roy Moore

Kim Cope Tait, “At the Altar of the Virgin

Domenic Scopa, “Abortion Clinic

Richard Weaver, “If Obituaries Were Like Personal Ads” & “Dr. Patient self-diagnoses

Marissa J. McCants, “Wait For Me

Jake Cosmos Aller, “White Lady

Edward L. Canavan, “Don’t Go

Donovan James, “Dating Without Alcohol

Lawdenmarc Decamora, “The Rapid Room

Giovanna Pompele, “A Permanent Cure for Sadness

Ingrid Casey, “Houses” & “Oops I Did It Again

Jason Stoneking, “The Pikeout

Adam Gunther, “Alone & Stirring

Gilles Ansiaux, “Life and Death of Fallen Stars

Isa Guzman, “I.I.I.I.I

Ryan Stovall, “Voyeur

Scott Moncrieff, “Best Man

Linda Lerner, “On Seeing the Georgia O’Keeffe Exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum (May 30th, 2017)

David Barnes, “Molotov

Laura Mega, “The Young G Dead Inside,” “Heart-Shaped Box” and “La Magia è Finita

Anna S. Kapungu, “Orange Sunsets

Joseph Buehler, “January

Andrew Fenstermaker, “A Suffocating Expanse of Sky

Scott McDaniel, “On Katrina: But Evangeline Is Not the Only One Who Has Waited Here in Disappointment*

Sean Dolan, “Sabbatical

Ken W. Simpson, “Split Screen

Glenn Ingersoll, “time expands up to its panda bear,” “we’re always new, impossibly repeating,” “fucked hollow by green banana dollars,” “where cliffs are books, their titles deep in the mountains” & “needled into wanting

Elizabeth Devlin, “Dandelions I” and “Dandelions II

John Moessner, “Historic Preservation I,” “Historic Preservation II,” “Historic Preservation III,” “Historic Preservation IV,” “Historic Preservation V” and “Historic Preservation VI


Maria Berardi, “Threshold

Matthew Corey, “Caleb – Dog or Heart” and “Joaquin Phoenix

Chris Fahrenthold, “On Fission

Ankó, “Clarity

Lance Le Grys, “Spring Burning

Erica Schreiner, “We Are the Seams of Everything

Jamika Ajalon, “NOT A XMAS CAROL

Kirsty Allison, “Holly Grove

Lauriel Michele, “In the Eyes of My Grandmothers

Brian Sheffield, “Putin + Assad Putin + Trump Putin + A Gunshot to Each of Their Heads

Michael Salcman, “Palimpsest

Sarah Helena, “Too Much Woman” & “Connected

Thomas Fucaloro, “Sorry, our time is up.” & “Lonely is a very crowded place to be

Craig Kite, “(Things I don’t understand which I have no excuse for not understanding because Google) Or: Reasons I can’t leave New York

John Turanyi, “Should I Call You Ankhesenamun?

Christian Niedan, “Lake Break

Christoffer Felix Wahlberg, “Kafka and Campari

Timothy Robbins, “Ma Rainey,” “Earlier” & “Crystal

Henrik Aeshna, “Toothpaste,” “Incest Moon” and “Pigalle Bluethroat

Khalil Anthony, “White Boy Privilege Morning

Phillipe Vicente, “Lesson,” “Lens & garter” and “Legacy

Wes Civilz, “Noisy

A.G. Price, “George W. Bush in His Bathroom: A Retrospective

Enzo Scavone, “Freedom to Grind

Thibaut Narme, “Wine Bread” and “Child Neighbor

Katherine Chan, “Instantly Self-Reductive Hologram

Mark Tucker, “My Foolishness” and “Very Convenient

Lisa Attanasio, “West on 40

Jude Cowan Montague, “Street Cherries

Kenneth Kesner, “a shadow of gray

Cameron Morse, “Salome

Mark Mansfield, “In Thy Courts

Angelo Vannini, “In Terra

Donna Dallas, “Skab,” “FreeStyle,” “Ordinary Days” and “Sucker Punch

Edmund Hardy, “Infallible Rejection” and “Less Than

Connolly Ryan, “I Have A Weakness or Soft Spot For:,” “And Now A Word From The Universe,” “She Taught Her Neighborhood To Breathe,” “Bus-ride In A Bottle,” and “No One Tells The Rain

Harry McEwan, “Our Table

David Leo Rice, “PornME

Cody Kucker, “Trinkets

Alex Feldman, “Fortune (For Natalie)

Bruce Edward Sherfield, “One Soldier’s Logistics of Trenches” and “Black Tunnel, NYC

Leanne Grabel, “The Day My Mother Died

Stuart Krusee, “Adam named the animals

Michael Berton, “Modeling on the Spanish Steps

John M. Keller, “Local People (Excerpt 1)” and “Local People (Excerpt 2)

Malik Crumpler, “…Yep.” and “((((( 9 )))))

Mary Di Lucia, “A Brief History of Mid-Century Portraiture: TV,” “Your Father, Your Mother,” “Blindness/Your Brother” and “The Great Bear

Chris Campanioni, “The World Writes Itself

Jenny MacBain-Stephens, “Saiga,” “Robot (sex part I)” and “Robot (museum)

Fiona Helmsley, “WWDWT (What Would David Wojnarowicz Think)?: A Review of Tim Murphy’s Christodora

Antonia Alexandra Klimenko, “Glass Nobodies,” “Of Papa Who Sang in the Opera,” “smoke” and “side order

Bray McDonald, “New Year Meditations

Yuan Changming, “Celebrating Shortness

Alex R. Encomienda, “Magdalene,” “Seldom; He Was A Sinner” & “Maroon Gardens (For Destiny the Dreamer)

David Leo Sirois, “Vanity Pigeon” and “He suffered, & he suffered, & he suffered – then on the seventh day, he took a break. Then, he suffered!

Godefroy Dronsart, “Keeping count

Matthew Peluso, “Holding On To Happiness, Fleeting

Kailey Tedesco, “The Place Before Crossing Over

Manuela Williams, “Rain Covered His Bones

John Gosslee, “Narrative of Explanation” and “Verge

Matthew Lesaule, “Coney Island Midnight

Jessie Janeshek, “Two Bird Control Center” and “Two Bird Control Center Two

Tom Harper, “The Raincoat and the Camaro

Larry Jones, “mccauley’s morning after (st. pat’s),” “from Jubilate Neoleo (Harry, his cat),” “Manhattan, and elsewhere” and “this then the day

Ron Kolm, “Rashomon” and “Jimi

Michelle Clemson, “Why?

Camille Adnot, “Lending Books

Jonathan B. Ferrini, “Flight Delayed

Charles S. Isaacs, “For Wayne

Megan Mealor, “Indebtedness

Khalil Anthony, “I Was Drowning Then I Became Water

René Ghosh, “Don’t let the sun set on the sun

Peter Kent, “Little Darlings

Cody Kucker, “Trinkets

Phillipe Vicente, “Lesson,” “Lens & garter” and “Legacy

Margarita Serafimova, “March

Aurora Bodenhamer, “Exposure


Donna Dallas, “Skab,” “Ordinary Days,” “FreeStyle” and “Sucker Punch

Rich Ives, “How I Arrived At My First Conclusion,” “Morality and Intention in the Novel of Faulty Utensils,” “Never A Lamb Bleating So Softly as the Waning Moon,” “Of Course I’m Still Sleeping But I Feel Radiant and Extended” and “Once Referred to As A Hymn

Jacklyn Janeksela, “dog says, we’re stronger in packs

Christine Stoddard, “Crown Heights” and “Frozen

Matthew Nemeth, “I Found This In A Newspaper

Joseph Harms, “Humiliation for the Instress

Debarun Sarkar, “Whispers of a Small Town

Ryan Evans, “I’m made of ceramic or white porcelain,” “salt dried eyes,” “my love a revelation” and “if she walked out of the nude

Jackie Sherbow, “30th Birthday Party

Valentina Broja, “Buzëqeshje” and “Ëndërr

Carolyn Martin, “Purgatory” and “Found: 10 Variations on the 50 Most Quoted Lines of Poetry

Nicole Goodwin, “Greasy

R.M. Cymber, “Pennies

Zeke Greenwald, “In Between Poetry & Fiction: Aaron Poochigan’s Mr. Either/Or,” “A Sense of Justice,” “Tu t’envoles” “Senator,” “A View of My Roommate Views” and “Curious about a friend

Paul Kindlon, “Monster in the Lake

James Capozzi, “Memoir of My Anger

Fanni Suto, “Berlin” and “Hate

Stuart Jay Silverman, “Making America Grate Again,”The Donald Issues An Apology-Cum-Explanation-Cum-Clarification in the Manner of McGonagall,” “The Musical Trump,” “Turning Back” and “Beached Whale

David Z. Morris, “The Bitter Giant of Midtown,” “The Eater (Ormstrongt Xperimant #9),” “Season of the Clown,” “Harbor” and “Night

Olive Morgan, “Angel’s Trumpet

Stephanie Macias, “Buffet,” “Genghis Khan Strikes Again,” “Lemniscate” and “Expansion

Elena Botts, “it is harder to see you as we are at great distances” and “how quickly I lose myself again!

Dan Jacoby, “ptsd” and “flower children

Nova Reeves, “November Yucca,” “Looking For Nurture,” “To Jim Carroll” and “The White Field

Scott Sherman, “Home Sick,” “Dial Tones,” “Wind & Fire,” “Idols” & “Tremble

Nina Živančević, “Abject or débris Art

Peggy Aylsworth, “Magnitudes Need Help,” “The Magic This Time” and “In Love With More Than.”

Melissa Hunter Gurney, “Somalia, Ernesto and Señor Cigala

Daniel Woody, “A Friend, One,” “A Friend, Two,” “A Friend, Three,” “A Friend, Four” and “A Friend, Five

Matt Adler, “Head Games

Genna Rivieccio, “Toronto, An Abyss of Tim Hortons Cups