White Boy Privilege Morning by Khalil Anthony

bring bring

yes, is there a morning after pill
for sleeping with a white boy?
american, yep.
well not actually sleeping with him as in sex,
but just waking up next to one.
(waking up next to a white boy.)
well of course i know what a morning after pill is for
and of course i am now pregnant,
i just want to take something to forget.




ok, so i had a white boy in my bed last night. yep, like a 21 year old white boy. a young one at that. my past self is probably pissed at me.


he smelled like sand dunes.
not bad, but not egyptian musk, not frankincense, not amber
but sand
on a beach
a cold beach
a cold breeze
my warm bed
and sand

i probably wouldn’t be talking about it at all
but the next morning his long ass left ass leg ass

was all on my side of the bed.
1st thing i say is
(in my aunt jemima or black lady from tom and jerry voice)

‘aint that some shit. you even find privilege in your sleep boy, you

i mean, don’t get me wrong i love people
just last week i spoke
about never ever never sleeping with a  white boy
never ever never having a white boy in my bed before

i mean
im not racist
i have a lot of white friends

so, ok, he asked to kiss me
and that’s the lamest question ever

‘uh, can i kiss you’

do it
or don’t
but , ‘uh, can i kiss you?’

uh, no nope not happening.
I continued drinking my beer,

but then later on
when i had already set him up in the front room with a blanket and pillow bed on my couch,

later on,
after several beverages alcoholic

later on
when i was in my bed

later on, when I wasn’t really thinking

i thought
well maybe i could invite him into my bed,
in africa

and ultimately that’s what happened,
i mean
i turned into africa
he jumped into the bed and as if it was the berlin conference
he with a highlighter in hand,
his hands claiming every part of my body, I’ll take
the congo, guinea Bissau, nigeraia, southa Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Ghana
every country

hol’ up!!! no. stop. what the f+_++

he did of course,

‘uh, can we cuddle then?’

#2 dumb ass question ever

cuddle or don’t blood,

at this point i was beyond annoyed, more with myself
but of course with him,
but really with myself
this recently colonized body,
no frills, just immature amateurish grabs, hurried nothings.

nothing at all.

so, in the morning
when his leg ,
his left leg
tried to colonize my bed.

i had had enough

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