Pizza Man by John C. Mannone

When not studyingfor exams from expensive books,he guards the oak wood flamethat tempers the brick hearthwalls, its smooth stone floor—soot scraped away. He thinks of Robert Frost, his simple poemswhile tossing the pliable dough,shapes it to fit a circular pallet,brushes with a branch of rosemarydipped in garlic-infused olive oiluntil it glistens in kitchen light. He spreads a dollop of red sauceall over, before slices of … Continue reading Pizza Man by John C. Mannone

Morality by Dale Champlin

Remember that I am your creature…                  —Mary Shelley, Frankenstein Scarlet-lipped, magnetic, full blown and unmothered,I am the blank page my maker writes on. I was a beautiful  unblemished creature. Clean as a crow-picked bone,pure as virgin milk and batter before eggs are added, bright as an albino fawn, an ivory tusk before it’s hacked,a lampshade, Elmer’s glue … Continue reading Morality by Dale Champlin

Dared Eagle by John Jack Jackie (Edward) Cooper

For the New Year I steel anger     from the gods,          fetch itto anneal with scorn, contrive thunder     to punish,          rain ignore,exchange fury flake by flake     snowbound burn intemperate fire     from the cold at heart. Abhorrent holiday     when festivity       omits its cause,          breaks tradition like stale bread     promises, toys,          possessions,precious gifts to retain in mind and hand —         all let go … finding death last question     birth first answer. Unweaned from most-     alien, human-          seemingrelation,    excepting … Continue reading Dared Eagle by John Jack Jackie (Edward) Cooper

In My America by Imogen Arate

In my America The Constitution is a false advertisement Our entitlement to its guarantees Are dealt in measure by the contrast Between our skin color And the Bible upon which We lay our hands for entrance An invisible cardboard Uncle Sam That puts his hand up to his eyeballs Tells me with a speech bubble that “You have to be this rich To get on this ride” And I am constantly told That I don’t qualify By the well-meaning … Continue reading In My America by Imogen Arate

Dormant by Serena Piccoli

                                                                the door is ajar                                                                               I shut it                                                 to let you finally sleepwhile I          behind it  am swinging alongwith your dormant stag Continue reading Dormant by Serena Piccoli

She Was Earning A Living by Anna Kapungu

Times were hardShe was earning a livingThree jobs a dayPaid the rent, school fees and food on the tableNo Easter, summer vacations or Christmas partiesMeals were breakfast in the morningPorridge, homemade bread, water for teaBought charity clothes from the dollar storesLived on friends’ generosity and borrowed moneyBankrupt, the banks refused to give us creditMilk tokens from the government Water was rationedBathed once every two daysWe hardly … Continue reading She Was Earning A Living by Anna Kapungu

Eviction by Susie Gharib

{In memory of our assassinated dog} His Achilles’ heel was his very loud barksthat won him the enmity of the entire neighborhood,   whose idea of a pet is a silent toy with which one could loiter lethargic afternoons, or flaunt one’s wealth in the ability to buy and feed a very expensive dog.  It was only on the day we buried him that we learned the very bitter fact that some … Continue reading Eviction by Susie Gharib

Jackie at 93% by Ben Nardolilli

I’ll get back to her, I’m ready to embrace our answers, presentJackie to me now, I have the strength I need to deal with the modern dayadventures we must plan in order to get know one another, the key? I built it from my historical provisions, which mostly consistof gripping stories, that’s how I ascend through the reality of today Jackie is a must-see, am I … Continue reading Jackie at 93% by Ben Nardolilli