An Ode to Evil by Matthew Peluso

Does good always triumph over evil? Not for its victims, for whom timing was everything—too late for them.Not for the millions slaughtered in the camps—was Nuremberg a triumph?The tens of millions un-personed by Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.What benefit to them the death of the dialectic? Reconciliation committees? Nor for the murdered Bosnians, machete-hacked Tutsis, beheaded Afghan women    How have the ex post facto treaties helped them? … Continue reading An Ode to Evil by Matthew Peluso

Spell-caster by Caroline Reddy

I cleared the ashes atop the altarand decluttered my fairy gardento grow,for the flicker was hiddenand the words were dimas I began to awaken: beneath the crescent clothunderneath the shards  I left the circleand let the poking pitchforksplash spurts of blue and purpleto the renewal of my heart. I closed my eyes and let the tears drip  and dreamt of the quartz crystalsto pour,for the … Continue reading Spell-caster by Caroline Reddy

Rollercoaster by Lindsey Wentzel

You were the highest andMost dangerous rideI’ve ever encountered The tracks were wornThe lows were undergroundAnd the highs felt like flying You felt the same about meWe both knew that the Cars were on fire butWe rode on anyways The highs were the mostTantalizing of all highsWe felt shot to the moon The lows were horrificAs though we were part ofA haunted carnival A beautiful disaster … Continue reading Rollercoaster by Lindsey Wentzel

Prime Study by Victor Marrero

Early morning musings. These callow lamentations speak my piece. I posed for oddity. A freak creation  left undone, buried uncut in solid rock. Still, I feel. I think. And I rage as I bend beneath the scourge of the ignoble globe my shoulders are bound to bear. No line of defense disturbs the contradictions I cast as sacrifice of a master’s mold. I model a prime study in suspense, while … Continue reading Prime Study by Victor Marrero

Armadillo Bookstore by Ron Kolm

For several weeksI worked in a small bookstore on the corner of West 10th and Bleeckerin Greenwich Village.One night a customer approached the cash register with a big stack of booksand asked if he could pay for them with a personal check.“Sure. But I have to see some ID.It’s the store policy,” I told him.“Isn’t this enough?” he asked, leaning forward and framing his face with his hands.I knew it was … Continue reading Armadillo Bookstore by Ron Kolm

When You Are On the Menu by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

It begins with an itch  then another   and another– those screaming red eruptions  on arms   legs    and unmentionables (Isn’t life a bitch!) the tell-tale sign of corruption– bloodstains on your pillow the viscous film of wet dream on your shrinking fitted sheets   Who are they?  these creeps these mites   small flat parasites   big appetites that live in dark places   alleyways   hidden spaces who feed off you   in excess before they retire to the comfort of your bed where they enjoy easy access   Yum while you lay … Continue reading When You Are On the Menu by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

Why I Am Not A Scientist by John Jack Jackie (Edward) Cooper

It’s what I’m for,and everything else against;  interwoven along the cosmic fence,sovereign principle in action:  what is shall always remain,although invisible.  I can see —but feeling believe I know.  Love bears the whole through a universeeveryone bleeds.  What is must remain,even though unrepeatable:  only world, only soul;only heart ever possible to acquire  or acquaint—statement of the obvious,tipped toward the point of oblivion,  which every science … Continue reading Why I Am Not A Scientist by John Jack Jackie (Edward) Cooper