Life-Sparing Water by Xavier Jones

As the smoke rose their hypocrisy again fellDisguised as water that only further fueledAn inferno of consciousness and contemptFor clouds blown in on the winds of opportunismPassing to pretend for a rare momentTo be part of the collective effortTo support our fragile motherWhose love for her children and strangers alikeIs truly abundant and unconditionalGracious enough is she to overlook their faultsAs she was raised to … Continue reading Life-Sparing Water by Xavier Jones

Vending Machine by Steve Denehan

It’s been one of those daysso, I decide to end itwith something from the vending machine wrappers and packetsprimary colorsso many, all good I settle on a Mars Barput the coins in the slotpress E4 the metal coil rotatesthe bar is pushed forwardonly to fall and rest against the glass I should have expected thatJesusI shake the machine, nope then, lightning strikesI put the last … Continue reading Vending Machine by Steve Denehan

Mm-Hmm by Steve Denehan

It’s been nearly two hours nowhe is still talkingI am still listeningafter the first hour I switched handsthe phone, heavier and heavierI’ll have to switch again soonthere has never been anyoneto talk so much and say so little the words pour from himtraveling down the wirehitting my ear like wingless birdshe runs through his greatest hitsgrowing up in Dublinall of his jobsmoney troubleswhat a guy … Continue reading Mm-Hmm by Steve Denehan

Night Feed by Cameron Morse

Faint heatchimney shimmeramid motesof snowdrifting at the edgeof sight teasing meinto a tentative belief             * Night of disruptedsleep breachof insomnia I holdmy shockedawake inconsolableinfant daughter tomy overburdened chest Overloadedthe mistake I madewith the washing machine trapped in the samebroken cycle             * After eight years on KeppraI’m tired allllthe time my patience wears waytoo thin and now the garden hosewon’t straighten kinking in my … Continue reading Night Feed by Cameron Morse

2021: An Entomological Metaphor by Matthew Peluso

Melipona beecheii, Melipona yucatanicaA.k.a. xunan kab, “The regal lady bee”Stingless, honey-making beesThey cannot hurt other speciesLiving off nectar, not hunting of other insectsEusocial in natureThey live together in multi-generational coloniesAnd care even for the offspring of othersWorshipped by the Mayans for centuriesAs a closer step to GodSpiritual link to Ah Muzen CabMayan god of bees and honeyPath to a higher level of BeingThey are currently … Continue reading 2021: An Entomological Metaphor by Matthew Peluso

A Faithful Housewife by Dale Champlin

after Federico García Lorca, An Unfaithful Housewife Translated from the Spanish by Conor O’Callaghan When I led Haroldto my rock by the pondI wondered if he was a virginthough he would soon be my husband. Would he guess that I was not?It took me so long to answer for myself—what does it mean to be a virgin?The peepers were chirping their lullaby. Was it the … Continue reading A Faithful Housewife by Dale Champlin

How Did Harold Die? by Dale Champlin

I ask, just to pass the time. Today for the first timein a long string of days,Old Shoe is lucid. “He died in an avalanche.No, it was a house firewhile I was on vacation. A car crash,” she said,“No wait, he was deliveringthe mail and a semi flattenedhis cart. He was a lumberjackand a widow-maker got him. Hewas cut in two by a freight train.He was … Continue reading How Did Harold Die? by Dale Champlin

Old by Christoffer Felix Wahlberg

We are getting old Our blood is thick and gravelly  Pumped up noisily through traffic jam  Veins passing abandoned arteries along the way    We are told in unison  That at our age breathing is important But we talk, and quickly come to the conclusion That less is more  So we hold hands and breath and memories Squeezing tighter  As days creak by   Together we imagine a lightning purge  And two smoldering wheelchairs  Drifting … Continue reading Old by Christoffer Felix Wahlberg