Gossip by Susie Gharib

The tenant of Wildfell Hall, in an aesthetic style,amputated small talk with a palette knife. Catherine Cookson, the child with no “Da”became the Dame of the British Empire.I look ahead and people melt before my eyes,their solidity dissolving into a mere mirage,a fragmented lie.I have learned to reduce to invisibilitywhoever attempts to pollute my pathwith tongues that waglike resurrected hags’. They bite into names with rabid … Continue reading Gossip by Susie Gharib

Positively Volcanic by Dale Champlin

We played a game—the floor was lava—we hopped from couch to chair,crab walked across the window seat,then swung from the chandelieronto the library table. If you knockedanything over—a book, a goblet,a bowl of flowers—you would burstinto flame. When that happened the little hairs of me shot straight up.I squealed.  “Pop Goes the Weasel” tinkledin my ears. Outside small wrenspeeped in the bushes. Mouthwateringsmells drifted from the … Continue reading Positively Volcanic by Dale Champlin

The One by O’ar Pali

Like that one,Blissful note, Amid a hypnotic –Symphony,So, you’ve beenTo me. Like that first Bee sting That you remember,For a lifetime,To come…So, your eyes –To me, Have been, Just the One.  Like an evil,Yet, melodious – TuneThat one can’t Stop humming Even to his doom,Or a wormThat digs on Deep,So are the words, To me –You speak.  But,Like a mid savanna,Wild Stampede, Are those dainty Feet, and those Daunting deeds.  And Like the clouds that Spell rain Only to reveal the sun…Or … Continue reading The One by O’ar Pali

My Introduction to Leonard Cohen by Michael Berton

I’m twenty-two, working poverty’s wage, intellectually curious, full of Tex/Mex chicanery, while branching out in the D/FW metroplex Bible Belt watching slam dancers protest with their bodies at the 1984 Republican Convention. I sleep on couches or a bouncy air mattress supplied by the Red Cross. This is after the unforgettable fire burning off those youthful transgressions and immature ejaculations. Hangouts like Skippy’s Mistake, a … Continue reading My Introduction to Leonard Cohen by Michael Berton

Toward a Hermeneutics of Language in Which Poetry is Mistaken for Violets by Ann Pedone

This is the trouble with language.It moves with borrowed light. Lingersbetween loverssky and birda woman’s body and your mouth. It is a thing that grows as the light moves.Follows the revolutionsof the sun.Is consumed by the appetites of the soil. I list all of the men I have loved. Those who have left me and all the rest. And as I collapse into a sleep that is notI reachfor your shoulderas you moveto your side … Continue reading Toward a Hermeneutics of Language in Which Poetry is Mistaken for Violets by Ann Pedone

Affair by Michael T. Smith

We kissed under the guillotine,hoping for something lean, and Nyx watching the unionof our two lips lying, jealously– “Our excuse makes a solid ground,”she said, tearing at her nylon grey. “The ground?”  I replied,“We ought to just die and call it a day.” We skipped along like hooligans, knowing something the rest of the world did not, saying“ancips” and other Latin words that rot. I thought. She smiled,not knowing geometry. “But … Continue reading Affair by Michael T. Smith