Things I’ve Heard While Growing Up Italian by Alise Versella

“You don’t look I-talian.”“Do you get dark in the summer?”“Do you know anyone in the mob?”“Of course she’s Italian, she’s from Staten Island.”“And look at her nose…” Yes, let’s address my Romanesque NoseThat hooked beakFor so many years I loathedMy profileLearned the perfect head tilt, the proper way to smile Do you know my great-grandparents came outta Harlem?Yes, 110th Do you know I can’tSay anything nice in … Continue reading Things I’ve Heard While Growing Up Italian by Alise Versella

Spartan by Zeke Greenwald

In Annie’s apartment there is some stuffFrom which thin things she’s made decorAs if she didn’t just move in there,And life worked out for her before.  Luke rearranged the furnitureIn the room where he’s been living. He uses his space better nowThan he did in the beginning.  I invite you now, look at my room:There’s not much by way of showing.I’ve kept it sparse, not confidentThat … Continue reading Spartan by Zeke Greenwald

Sorcery in the Twenty-First Century by Susie Gharib

There are no pins with which to torture dolls,no potions extracted from a viper’s blood,no drugging to induce paralysis,no incantations to make one hallucinate,no animal slaughtering to appease the gods,no sexual dalliance with the demonic lot.Maleficium is an electronic cult. They can bleed your name on a digital blade,frame you with Lucifer on a hot blind date,rearrange your features with a mouse’s aid,make you the … Continue reading Sorcery in the Twenty-First Century by Susie Gharib

Weeping Teeth by Isabel Straw

Claws weep as they crack the fleshtrembling ivorypalms pushing the dagger deepIt is so      much      harder       to kick a fallen soldier,Your hollow aching carcasspours gangrene through my feetknocked back by iron anklesto waste hopeless at my kneesIt is so      much      harder       to cut an infant leech,Withered, the child stands sobbinggrasping with blackened armsthey … Continue reading Weeping Teeth by Isabel Straw

Sp-eyes by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

They’re everywhere–   here   therein restaurants in schools in mosques your closet your bed your last paragraph– those curious question marks! Spies with eyes in the back of their headare tracking you like the CIAlike a jealous lover  like a digitalized numberon an overnight package Big Brother surveillance cameras the eyes of your computer the eyes of strangers Facebook   Twitter Instagramstalking you like a wet dream  At the doctor’s office even the stethoscope knows your real name and … Continue reading Sp-eyes by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

Chassés par Daréka

La mer nous laisse détrempés  Et l’urgence nous réveille.  Du sel dans la bouche.  La peur et l’espoir se disputent nos esprits.  Ici le sable n’est pas aussi chaud  Mais racle autant la gorge.  La soif est aussi grande.  On pourrait croire enfin au répit  Mais déjà viennent les ombres à travers la rocaille.  Fuir, courir.  Les jambes reprennent leur marche d’automates.  La fatigue prétend … Continue reading Chassés par Daréka

In Patti Smith’s Year of the Monkey, 2016 Was Always Doomed Before It Began

There is no “ideal” symbolism when it comes to the monkey as a portent. Sure, Chinese culture speculates that the monkey is a sign of good luck, but when it comes to their inherently mischievous nature, come to roost in 2016, the Year of the Monkey, it’s not something one wants around during an election year. This much is ruminated upon in Patti Smith’s latest … Continue reading In Patti Smith’s Year of the Monkey, 2016 Was Always Doomed Before It Began

Try by Stephen Waldron

Climb into my microwave oven and you will discoveracres of karstpiled up by the window,resting in congregational piety. Trample the dust underan unbridled wave of convenience,swelling to new aspirations at every last catalogue entry. Cling to the good and the evil alike,not halting for strangers, nor pleasantto foes of the rising contention.Spring to the east, and let none of your confidence falter or slip from your finger.Let … Continue reading Try by Stephen Waldron