Between Rock and Hard Place by Victor Marrero

1 The queries of our age demand to know much more than we will ever know or admiteven to ourselves. Our beleaguered figures on display, curios of these corridors, inspire probing. Invasion comes without explanation. Off the charts. Our images chronicle calcified fractures of the past, record the minimalist chatter of present now drained of remembrance and aspiration. Pressed between rock and hard place, airless and indisposed like miners trapped  in a cave, we … Continue reading Between Rock and Hard Place by Victor Marrero

Poem by Emily Costantino

It’s 2019 and I’m so rich I don’t hurt anymore I have an unlimited metrocard and the new romper from everlane and some really nice ravioli I ate the ravioli last night each bite costs $5I sent a tweet about political correctness and tried not to act vain If anyone’s out there do I really have to keep doing this? I found myself in a different life a world where you never got up and went to work before mewhere you retired before you … Continue reading Poem by Emily Costantino

The Italian Prostitute Can’t Be Bought (By An American): The Girl on the Via Flaminia

For those who seem to have forgotten that anti-American sentiment didn’t merely arise when Donald Trump assumed the presidency, let us turn back time to the thick of the nationality’s sudden involvement in World War II, once the Japanese tapped the sleeping giant that was the U.S. on the shoulder with a friendly little bomb on Pearl Harbor. It was then, already two years into … Continue reading The Italian Prostitute Can’t Be Bought (By An American): The Girl on the Via Flaminia

Egypt by Nina Živančević

I often travelled to Africa and even lived in it twice, but out of that enormous continent I loved best the queen of all these ancient cradles of civilization: the country called Egypt. I was given the opportunity to visit it several times. My first trip, which comes to me in snatches, was the best, the most romantic one, and the last one–before the explosion … Continue reading Egypt by Nina Živančević

All My Wonder by Donna Pucciani

is wrapped in steel wire.Cables of the Brooklyn Bridgeare the large, thuggish relativesof their skinny cousins inside my piano. These delicate threads will never seethe gulls circling traffic jamsover white waves in the harbor, never hear the honking hornsof cabbies; they witness onlythe tentative first notes of Bach, the intimate touch of Chopin. The Bridge, who watches Lady Libertydaily, holds hands with a citythat smells of money … Continue reading All My Wonder by Donna Pucciani

Two Belated Thank You Notes by Jonathan Bracker

1.Emily Dickinson’s forty-second poem Begins “A day! Help! Help! Another day!”Never considered one of her best, So far as I know it has not been anthologized. I love that yelp of hers! Thank you, Lavinia, For having disregarded your sister’s explicitInstructions to upon her death destroy her neatly-tiedOne thousand seven hundred seventy-five Attempts to write a “letter to the World.”  2.Thank you too, Belknap Press of Harvard University,For … Continue reading Two Belated Thank You Notes by Jonathan Bracker

The Prodigal Beach Speaks by Joe McAvoy

(CNN) A beach that was washed away by storms more than 30 years ago has reappeared off the west coast of Ireland.  The sands at Dooagh on County Mayo’s Achill Island vanished in the winter of 1984, leaving nothing but bare rock and rock pools.  But over the course of a few days in April 2017, the Atlantic returned what it had stolen, depositing thousands … Continue reading The Prodigal Beach Speaks by Joe McAvoy

Brethren by Hunter Boone

Notice the Pope’swhite skin beneath the red velvet robe.Contemplate the thin papery silhouetteof Italian hands touching himself –sometimes lovingly smoothing fingertipsof the right handover his perfect belly. God has called him whilehe drifts toward sleep andthe kingdom of his dreams –a sometimes white world of goodnessmade salient from the footprints leftby tiny angels, the ones who have dancedacross the filigree of his indefectiblebatiste shirtsangels who have … Continue reading Brethren by Hunter Boone