Night Feed by Cameron Morse

Faint heatchimney shimmeramid motesof snowdrifting at the edgeof sight teasing meinto a tentative belief             * Night of disruptedsleep breachof insomnia I holdmy shockedawake inconsolableinfant daughter tomy overburdened chest Overloadedthe mistake I madewith the washing machine trapped in the samebroken cycle             * After eight years on KeppraI’m tired allllthe time my patience wears waytoo thin and now the garden hosewon’t straighten kinking in my … Continue reading Night Feed by Cameron Morse

2021: An Entomological Metaphor by Matthew Peluso

Melipona beecheii, Melipona yucatanicaA.k.a. xunan kab, “The regal lady bee”Stingless, honey-making beesThey cannot hurt other speciesLiving off nectar, not hunting of other insectsEusocial in natureThey live together in multi-generational coloniesAnd care even for the offspring of othersWorshipped by the Mayans for centuriesAs a closer step to GodSpiritual link to Ah Muzen CabMayan god of bees and honeyPath to a higher level of BeingThey are currently … Continue reading 2021: An Entomological Metaphor by Matthew Peluso