Life-Sparing Water by Xavier Jones

As the smoke rose their hypocrisy again fell
Disguised as water that only further fueled
An inferno of consciousness and contempt
For clouds blown in on the winds of opportunism
Passing to pretend for a rare moment
To be part of the collective effort
To support our fragile mother
Whose love for her children and strangers alike
Is truly abundant and unconditional
Gracious enough is she to overlook their faults
As she was raised to do so
For we can no longer forgive our “brothers”
For their prolonged negligence of the family
Cloaked in a parody of poverty
That is as insolent as it is impious
In the eyes of the veritable humble and destitute
Whose tears could put out the fires
That burn the world around us with short-sighted impunity
Cry brothers and sisters! Cry!
Or we shall burn as did Notre-Dame!

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