Vending Machine by Steve Denehan

It’s been one of those days
so, I decide to end it
with something from the vending machine

wrappers and packets
primary colors
so many, all good

I settle on a Mars Bar
put the coins in the slot
press E4

the metal coil rotates
the bar is pushed forward
only to fall and rest against the glass

I should have expected that
I shake the machine, nope

then, lightning strikes
I put the last of my coins in the slot
press D4

the metal coil rotates
a packet of Maltesers is pushed forward
I think I might be a genius

I hold my breath
the Maltesers fall
and land on the Mars Bar

I wait for gravity to take hold
it does not
the Maltesers sit on the wedged Mars Bar

I think, Well, that’s disappointing
then, in the vending machine glass
I see my reflection

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