Survivalists by Steve Denehan

I am a survivalistin thatI am surviving, butthere are survivalistsof another kindthose who digdeep downto createunderground bunkers this is appealingto me my bunker would be simplefilled with books and candlesenough non-perishable foodto last several decadesa CD playera backup CD player, andanother CD playerjust in case there would be a fridgea washing machinean oven, andof coursea generatorpowered by abovegroundsolar panels and wind turbines there would be … Continue reading Survivalists by Steve Denehan

True, For the Most Part by Steve Denehan

I’m not racist but…he droned onI listenednoddingat what I guessedwere the right times he told me about his promotionhis new carrecent and upcoming holidaysbefore askingif I could lend him some money he fed me old jokesintellectual psychobabblepretentiousnesspeppered with obscure references we had known each otherfor a long timehe had talked and I had listenedfor a long time I had not expectednot even consideredthat I might … Continue reading True, For the Most Part by Steve Denehan

Vending Machine by Steve Denehan

It’s been one of those daysso, I decide to end itwith something from the vending machine wrappers and packetsprimary colorsso many, all good I settle on a Mars Barput the coins in the slotpress E4 the metal coil rotatesthe bar is pushed forwardonly to fall and rest against the glass I should have expected thatJesusI shake the machine, nope then, lightning strikesI put the last … Continue reading Vending Machine by Steve Denehan

Mm-Hmm by Steve Denehan

It’s been nearly two hours nowhe is still talkingI am still listeningafter the first hour I switched handsthe phone, heavier and heavierI’ll have to switch again soonthere has never been anyoneto talk so much and say so little the words pour from himtraveling down the wirehitting my ear like wingless birdshe runs through his greatest hitsgrowing up in Dublinall of his jobsmoney troubleswhat a guy … Continue reading Mm-Hmm by Steve Denehan

Having A Nightmare At 43 by Steve Denehan

I was too warm my legs were restless I wasn’t tired         I was too tired but eventually sleep came and quickly I came to it         the engine of the nightmare         pistons of fear         the lubricating oil of hope         keeping the nightmare alive I wanted to wake         I tried to wake             I couldn’t wake the nightmare twitched         I tried to wake             I couldn’t wake Continue reading Having A Nightmare At 43 by Steve Denehan

USA! by Steve Denehan

We knew they were American the moment they emerged and began trudging toward the pool we knew, not because of the aloof tilt of the father’s chin nor their accent, ricocheting flatly between apartment blocks it was the Stars and Stripes bikini that gave it away and the matching Stars and Stripes swimming shorts on father and son the father, an enormous man, booming of … Continue reading USA! by Steve Denehan

Car Door by Steve Denehan

Some people cannot bear to be alone those people are missing the point today I was alone, gloriously the kitchen thirstily drank in the flaming light of this Indian summer an Indian summer that had waited, calmly to announce itself in the depths of October I got drunk on the sweetness of that unexpected sunshine saw myself stretched in carnival shadows along warm carpet and … Continue reading Car Door by Steve Denehan