I ask Leah what my white girl name would be by Xoài David

after a dinner of rye bread and imported cheese, she’s doing the dishes while I’m in the living room looking over Hongqiao Road. Hannah told me today she named herself after Hannah Montana, before she was Miley, before she was Sabrina. And her mum is Charlotte, after Charlotte’s Web. but before all that? I ask, what were you first, before all that? When my papa … Continue reading I ask Leah what my white girl name would be by Xoài David

3rd Childhood by César Eduardo

At the moment I can only catch the echo of a response. The world surrounds me, eating at a rate in which hearts achieve their maximum pulsation. Exactly, as the triple waters cascade I implore that Essence maintains strides of particular invention within and outside every creature. Forget the still points. The whole journey is up ahead, fresh and merry to be penned by the … Continue reading 3rd Childhood by César Eduardo

In Europe by William Ray

“They’re completely drunk.” — Mephisto Close shadows of many angles Covered rounded figures — The idle, the unemployable, the angry. On seeing my true darkness, One pale shade fractured from the others Circled my person, gathering teeth for his Venomous “Heil Hitler . . . Ku Klux Klan” — confidential — more terrible than a shout. I couldn’t run, so another gray shade Pulled him … Continue reading In Europe by William Ray

Woman World: Now Both Sweet, Realizable Fantasy & Graphic Novel

In the skewed, pea-sized mind of the misogynist, feminism can only mean one thing: the full-fledged radical desire to expunge all men from the earth. In Aminder Dhaliwal’s latest project, a graphic novel called Woman World, this isn’t something they even need to try at as the gradual weaning out of the Y chromosome has taken care of matters all on its own. The jig is … Continue reading Woman World: Now Both Sweet, Realizable Fantasy & Graphic Novel

Quiet Desperation by Loren Miner

“I will give you a new heart and put a new spirit in you; I will remove your heart of stone and give you a heart of flesh.” (Ezekiel 36:26, 585 BC) Chief Amongst Sinners If I had five minutes with the most powerful man on the planet: I wouldn’t waste time talking politics or economic policy. I wouldn’t squander a precious second inquiring about … Continue reading Quiet Desperation by Loren Miner

Alexander’s Lover by Syed Zaman

I animate you with real and Invented narratives— I explore them through reconstructed Obscured moments Embedded in the multi-sensory, charged Spaces of the body, heart, and soul— I live with and love you in a world where Ephemeral expulsions coexist With the inner entanglements Of relationship— I see you through abstract surreal symbols— Interwoven within A hybrid form situated somewhere between Hephaestion and a reworked … Continue reading Alexander’s Lover by Syed Zaman

// by Nathalie Victoire

Lentement il a dégrafé le corps du ciel afin d’en extraire quelques merveilleuses pensées il a étreint la complexité des nuages chaque caresse semblait révéler un angle luisant la surface et la découpe de son rêve se sont changées en parfum une onde s’étirant jusqu’à la mer solaire   ****   Slowly he unhooked the body of the sky in order to extract some marvelous … Continue reading // by Nathalie Victoire