Alexander’s Lover by Syed Zaman

I animate you with real and
Invented narratives—
I explore them through reconstructed
Obscured moments
Embedded in the multi-sensory, charged
Spaces of the body, heart, and soul—
I live with and love you in a world where
Ephemeral expulsions coexist
With the inner entanglements
Of relationship—
I see you through abstract surreal symbols—
Interwoven within
A hybrid form situated somewhere between
Hephaestion and a reworked constellation—
A cancellation—
Of the future—
I recognize meanings that seamlessly merge
With settings
That implicate the egalitarianism of a
Possibility reflecting in impossibility—
The costume of our identity—
Tailored for freedom—
I protect us to pursue power and perceptions
At play in the consumption of emotions
Colored by and coveted
As objects of my desire—
I salvage countless reproductions of
Poetic confrontations,
A mash-up of thick paint and collaged
Language culled from familiar signs
And associations that unravel endlessly—
With you being my version—
Of Alexander’s lover.


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  1. Beautifully done, Mr. Zaman! I hope to read more from you soon. Your artwork is equally as poetic.


  2. Thank you so much for the feature!


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