#MeToo by Marissa Glover

SomewhereHarvey Weinstein is rottingin a cell, feeling sorryfor himself and blaming womenfor all the troublehis pecker and pride has caused.Epstein’s dead and rotting too.But what about the movie starsand mega-rich who keep makingfilms and money, who knew catswere being kept in gilded cagesand tortured for their skin—this fraternity of bystanders,the Cains who insist they are nottheir brother’s keeper. What about David, the IsraeliteKing, who commanded … Continue reading #MeToo by Marissa Glover

When He Tells You He’s a Bastard, Believe Him by Marissa Glover

Believe his stories of the past,the graves dug with eagershovels, filled to the brimwith bones. Don’t thinkof fairy tales, the motherlessgirls who marry a princeand live happily. Leave himin his reluctance. Let himstay buried in anger. RememberMera, Queen of Xebel,who spends an entire movietrying to convince Aquamanhe has what it takes to be a hero.And Daenerys, Mother of Dragons,rightful Targaryen Queen,who loses her throne—andher life, … Continue reading When He Tells You He’s a Bastard, Believe Him by Marissa Glover

All Learning is Remembering, by Maria Berardi

the difference between seeing these mountains as sceneryand making the attempt to know them,know one, or one trail well, anyway.Scenery is a backdrop for you, for your life,it is something to comment onand then discuss what is for dinner.And I don’t know these mountains.I live here. My life has taken place mostly here,it is knowledge not as information,but knowledge the way you know your cousin,or … Continue reading All Learning is Remembering, by Maria Berardi

loud eggs to get you the gotcha jump by J.D. Nelson

the wild monk sports the green nike altitude bootsthis is the brain to boggle bracket yoke was a line in the skythe fast cars of the earth I could go back and win the luckiesthis is the machine when we let go of the worldwhat do we get but the nothing collectible figures like methe clapping lobsters friendship levelsunderstanding the egg try the louder facesoft … Continue reading loud eggs to get you the gotcha jump by J.D. Nelson

The Dreams He Sees by Susie Gharib

He daily commutes to work on the wings of a moth who is inebriated,and sips his drink from a bluebell that is with liquor satiated,then calculates his sums on a papyrus with a quill whose inkis the darkest wine that Gascony had fabricated. His weekend is a six-day break on the shores of a reservoir,a Scottish distillery’s grounds,whose breezes are with whiskey impregnated,a canopy of intoxicationfor a man who … Continue reading The Dreams He Sees by Susie Gharib

A Grace Jones Paradox by Nick Ingram

“Am I slowly moving away from thesecontinental philosophical interpretations of life and existence?I mean, after all: what is the avant-garde? I have passed beyond the pallid pointof boredom; there are certain people whoonly ever create unhappiness.I never want to know people such asthese. I want to get back to that old senseof decadence: every emotion hasan elation, this could just be the soundof my insanity.”                                                 -Neon lights … Continue reading A Grace Jones Paradox by Nick Ingram

Becoming Planets by Kashiana Singh

If I could be a planetI would like to be MercuryBaring myself to the sun, those timesWhen I need brightness seven times stronger than myselfOr maybe the clumsy UranusStuttering sideways, self-effacing butLiving the moods of my 27 moons andNever having to explain myself before or after menopauseI have even speculated MarsRed in the face, evidence of my travailsReceding further into my atmosphere, I wouldMock the … Continue reading Becoming Planets by Kashiana Singh