I Wear You Like a Chinchilla Coat by Dale Champlin

I carry you like a kangarootoss you like a paper cupsing you like a high note. Don’t get me wrong,I am the boomerang who will always come back to you,a recurring dream,the tune you whistlewhile you wash the dishes,the romanceyou can’t seem to shake. Even so,you shake me like a maracapluck me like a bouquet, fly me like a paper plane. The truth is,I was never yours … Continue reading I Wear You Like a Chinchilla Coat by Dale Champlin

Atlas, Bound by Victor Marrero

1 And here he too is caught. The mighty man, the Titan. A noble crushed, enslaved as well. But even emasculated he steals the show. His physique overburdenedbecomes a hunchback. Muscularity overwrought, grown weary by force, with age. He crouches. He arcs. His head half-formed recedes. Locked inside a hunk of uncut rock, he craves more space, as if gasping for air,as if being devoured by a mass of stone his … Continue reading Atlas, Bound by Victor Marrero

On Reaching Old Age by Colin Ian Jeffery

Time is fleeting in its passingAnd does jolt the memoryRecalling images of long agoWhen life seemed to stretch far awaySafe from Death’s stalking shadow. As a child I thought as a childSeeing only bright summer daysWith friendships I thought to last foreverAnd parents who could never dieOld age a distant foreign land. Now walking the land of the elderlyOld bones and old man troublesWondering how … Continue reading On Reaching Old Age by Colin Ian Jeffery

If It Took Us Down Then, What About Now? by Donna Dallas

On the days when my only friend came to visit her mom her mom would clean herself upthey’d sit tight knotted table in betweenand chain smoke Later after her mother left the table to shoot upmy friend would ring my bellwe’d head to the train trestle and sitwith legs dangled over the bridgesmoke all the cigs she clipped from her momwe threw rocks at the topof the freight trainas … Continue reading If It Took Us Down Then, What About Now? by Donna Dallas

Penis Envy by Ron Kolm

didn’t start withTrump and Putin.Unfortunately, itGoes all the way backTo the dawn of man.Two males in a caveWaving their clubs aroundStare at each otherIn fear and envy.“Mine’s bigger,” one shouts.“No, mine is!” yells backThe other.And then they startBashing each other untilOnly one guy is left standing,One hand gripping his clubThe other cupping his manhood.He almost seems to smileAs he leaves to find some womenTo yell … Continue reading Penis Envy by Ron Kolm

An Ode to Evil by Matthew Peluso

Does good always triumph over evil? Not for its victims, for whom timing was everything—too late for them.Not for the millions slaughtered in the camps—was Nuremberg a triumph?The tens of millions un-personed by Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.What benefit to them the death of the dialectic? Reconciliation committees? Nor for the murdered Bosnians, machete-hacked Tutsis, beheaded Afghan women    How have the ex post facto treaties helped them? … Continue reading An Ode to Evil by Matthew Peluso

Spell-caster by Caroline Reddy

I cleared the ashes atop the altarand decluttered my fairy gardento grow,for the flicker was hiddenand the words were dimas I began to awaken: beneath the crescent clothunderneath the shards  I left the circleand let the poking pitchforksplash spurts of blue and purpleto the renewal of my heart. I closed my eyes and let the tears drip  and dreamt of the quartz crystalsto pour,for the … Continue reading Spell-caster by Caroline Reddy

Rollercoaster by Lindsey Wentzel

You were the highest andMost dangerous rideI’ve ever encountered The tracks were wornThe lows were undergroundAnd the highs felt like flying You felt the same about meWe both knew that the Cars were on fire butWe rode on anyways The highs were the mostTantalizing of all highsWe felt shot to the moon The lows were horrificAs though we were part ofA haunted carnival A beautiful disaster … Continue reading Rollercoaster by Lindsey Wentzel