Vegania by Mark Norman Harris

Part I There are two islands in an imaginary world. One is vegan, democratic and vaguely socialist. The other is inhabited by cannibals. We’ll call them Vegania and Cannabalia. Vegania had a veritable religion built around gastronomy and organized themselves into three distinct hereditary classes: farmers, blacksmiths and chefs. The farmers grew the raw ingredients, and the blacksmiths made the pots and pans, while the … Continue reading Vegania by Mark Norman Harris

The Call by Darius Jamal VanSluytman

The garbage juice pooled at the bottom of the open dumpsters lining the Navy Yard Canteen, baked in the morning sun. Noxious plumes floated upwards taunting heaven and throne. It was eight a.m. and already eighty-two degrees. Zip walked through the tangle of food trucks parked semi-legally outside the sad building sitting near the foot of Clinton Hill, where Clinton Avenue meets Flushing. He had … Continue reading The Call by Darius Jamal VanSluytman

How He Took That Bit of Advice by Jonathan Bracker

“I don’t think you ought to write poems, Not if you want to get ahead, About your homosexuality” She calmly states, almost wholly at ease With the early-middle-aged college buddy Come for his annual visit. In the sprawling living room, cats resting or coming in, Matissed in shorts and sleeveless shirt at one end of the sofa She smiles at him her boyish smile. Cashews … Continue reading How He Took That Bit of Advice by Jonathan Bracker

Worker, Beg Not by Peter Crowley

Supplicated hands, extending the beggar waits forever From inside the glass office looking out, such is the natural state of things Make them wait, make them grovel, have them kiss your feet and one or two may be chosen to ascend from the paycheck-to-paycheck world to a place where one can buy a newer car, which doesn’t shake you to the core as it ambles … Continue reading Worker, Beg Not by Peter Crowley

Weaponized by Dave Odegard

The fucked up thing about their last mission was that it went almost exactly as planned. That shit never happened. There was always some unforeseen factor or lousy intel that forced them, after cursing and seeking cover, to improvise in the field, resulting in thrilling success or terrifying cluster fuck. It started, like most missions, with Xandon doing his drill sergeant/guru act. He guided them to … Continue reading Weaponized by Dave Odegard

Bonfire Flames by Mpho Mmathapelo Molekoa

Last autumn Over the dinner table Memories remain; A house once gracing the land with laughter and life, Now in ashes. Do you remember how safe the walls kept our home? How when you inhaled freshly-cooked carrots your soul danced in the kitchen? Do you remember the hot shower, chocolate wafers, Sunset fire-place family sittings, heads bent over books? The tale of a burning house, … Continue reading Bonfire Flames by Mpho Mmathapelo Molekoa