Reaching Out (I) by Xavier Jones

Dear friend,

I thought we would have lasted longer than we did. But no sooner did we go our separate ways, you disappeared. I thought that the distance simply became too great and you sank over the horizon, or that the sun setting on our time together had turned you into a shadow, but no. By the time I had turned around you had vanished. Have I spent all this time calling an apparition my friend. Have I been simply hallucinating, hearing voices and thinking they were actual conversation? Have I been mistaking a mirage for a friend?

Let it not be so. Reach out and touch me with your voice and my ears shall embrace you as if you were actually here before me. I hold nothing against you as I truly believe you were my friend. We just got caught up in our respective destinies, that’s all.

I can’t go where you go, nor can you go where I go. All the same if we all must go into the unknown and to the inevitable end, I would much rather go into this darkness with an old friend close by in thought. Come back to me, friend, for even surrounded by new multitudes, your absence still provokes a noticeable feeling of loneliness.

I’m not writing to propose that we start over. I’m writing simply to say that I miss my friend and that I am incomplete without you.

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