Thank You; No Thank You by Max Talley

Dear Writer, Thank you for entrusting Hooligan Review with your work. Few trust us with anything. We enjoyed this piece thoroughly, but after careful consideration we could not fit it into our current issue. We tried, with smaller fonts, slender margins and even a shoehorn. Damn thing would not squeeze in. Our editors read your story several times, as we often do with work we … Continue reading Thank You; No Thank You by Max Talley

Stars Encased in Obsidian by Susan Richardson

Tourists amble off buses, clad in the nervous chatter of intrusion, searching for superheroes. They suffocate the sidewalks of Hollywood, trampling over handprints embedded in slabs of concrete that will outlast glitter and celluloid. Boys wrap drum beats into the skin of paint buckets, rhythms that hunt for a quickening pulse, beckoning a bat winged man on roller blades. He glides through the spotlight, leather … Continue reading Stars Encased in Obsidian by Susan Richardson

Chronic Fatigue by Mitchell Grabois

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome has struck the star of a local ballet troupe and a retiree who’s been waiting ten years to take up the sitar and the daughter of a famous sci-fi writer and a pharmacist at the nearby Walgreen’s which sits at the cobbled corner of Happy and Healthy There are too many others to mention who have been likewise affected who (barely) live … Continue reading Chronic Fatigue by Mitchell Grabois

Suns by Susie Gharib

The sun always shines on TV, sang Morten in the nineteen-eighties when I was poring over books in a tiny room that overlooked Glasgow’s Necropolis cemetery, constantly fending off the blows of smog-and-fog-related melancholies. When my eyes sought a little respite from perusing Lawrence’s Aristocracy of the Sun, on monumental headstones they would alight, nestling to tributes on epitaphs, speculating on how Young, Blair and … Continue reading Suns by Susie Gharib