Irreparable by Syed Zaman

A spherical sculpture—formed byShards of broken mirrors sewnTogether with mimetic memoirs—Where dazzling reflections areConcealed within the sphereItself—becomes invisible to theSpectator—Alluding to the fire that shedsLight on the fragility of thePermanence of—theImpermanent—Suffering suffused in the chainOf the enduring presence of theWounds we bear from the past—The sensation that a missing partRemains connected to bothIntimate and material injuries—A myriad of memories—Harking back to the ghosts ofTheir demands … Continue reading Irreparable by Syed Zaman

Interrupted Empathy by Syed Zaman

…Of naive complacency—your hands— Wherein possibilities for poignant pleas and Bathetic poetry are rehearsed romantically— Hysterically—through looping piano motifs, And everyday despair. I am haunted—by hollow, harrowing Spaces devoid of dramatic redemption. Filling each frame of memory With, yet again, empty, barely defined— Rugged horizons—plummeting musical Phrases to the intersection of what once was Seen as bucolic but now a landscape found Only in—eternal ruin—hiding … Continue reading Interrupted Empathy by Syed Zaman

Alexander’s Lover by Syed Zaman

I animate you with real and Invented narratives— I explore them through reconstructed Obscured moments Embedded in the multi-sensory, charged Spaces of the body, heart, and soul— I live with and love you in a world where Ephemeral expulsions coexist With the inner entanglements Of relationship— I see you through abstract surreal symbols— Interwoven within A hybrid form situated somewhere between Hephaestion and a reworked … Continue reading Alexander’s Lover by Syed Zaman