Survivalists by Steve Denehan

I am a survivalist
in that
I am surviving, but
there are survivalists
of another kind
those who dig
deep down
to create
underground bunkers

this is appealing
to me

my bunker would be simple
filled with books and candles
enough non-perishable food
to last several decades
a CD player
a backup CD player, and
another CD player
just in case

there would be a fridge
a washing machine
an oven, and
of course
a generator
powered by aboveground
solar panels and wind turbines

there would be pencils, paper
paints and brushes
maybe a cactus
or two

I believe
that I could see out my days
in the bunker
happily, and easily, but

even then
I would consider myself
a survivalist
of a different kind

living in a bunker
not because the world has ended
but because it hasn’t

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