Zeno’s Nephew at the Track by Adam Hanover

A black-toothed wino on hands and knees scours the parking lot for a winning stub to the fourth race, and in my haste to reach the ticket booth in time for the seventh, what my uncle, a professional handicapper, calls the “surefire, can’t miss bet of the night,” I almost step on the wino’s callused hand. Passing through the turnstile I hear Achilles announced over … Continue reading Zeno’s Nephew at the Track by Adam Hanover

Breathed in helium… by Zeke Greenwald

Please do not be kind to me, I think that’d be best; I’m alone and unaccustomed To any easiness. I might cease to struggle forth; I might just lose heart; For I’m tense, and your tenderness Might take me apart. I’m inflated with long patience; I fear your kind relief Might strike the balloon Of my striving grief. I’ve been propelled, light and rigid, And … Continue reading Breathed in helium… by Zeke Greenwald

Sky by Thomas Wells

Everyone owns a piece, a furrowed canopy casting dimness and light, a measureless magnitude of rapture and defeat. We are Prince Andrew at the battle of Austerlitz, on our backs surveying boundless lofty firmament. surrendering to tranquil silent drifts of stratocumuli, finding our meagerness within the scale. In temperamental squalls, tormenting dark wrinkles restless with despair, fling violent raindrops, hurtling us into prolonged deluge. But … Continue reading Sky by Thomas Wells

Interrupted Empathy by Syed Zaman

…Of naive complacency—your hands— Wherein possibilities for poignant pleas and Bathetic poetry are rehearsed romantically— Hysterically—through looping piano motifs, And everyday despair. I am haunted—by hollow, harrowing Spaces devoid of dramatic redemption. Filling each frame of memory With, yet again, empty, barely defined— Rugged horizons—plummeting musical Phrases to the intersection of what once was Seen as bucolic but now a landscape found Only in—eternal ruin—hiding … Continue reading Interrupted Empathy by Syed Zaman