Brethren by Hunter Boone

Notice the Pope’swhite skin beneath the red velvet robe.Contemplate the thin papery silhouetteof Italian hands touching himself –sometimes lovingly smoothing fingertipsof the right handover his perfect belly. God has called him whilehe drifts toward sleep andthe kingdom of his dreams –a sometimes white world of goodnessmade salient from the footprints leftby tiny angels, the ones who have dancedacross the filigree of his indefectiblebatiste shirtsangels who have … Continue reading Brethren by Hunter Boone

Having A Nightmare At 43 by Steve Denehan

I was too warm my legs were restless I wasn’t tired         I was too tired but eventually sleep came and quickly I came to it         the engine of the nightmare         pistons of fear         the lubricating oil of hope         keeping the nightmare alive I wanted to wake         I tried to wake             I couldn’t wake the nightmare twitched         I tried to wake             I couldn’t wake Continue reading Having A Nightmare At 43 by Steve Denehan

Let’s Drink by O’ar Pali

Don’tSpeak. Let’s Drink.  Let’s Have A shot.  Let’s Not GetCaught,  In These SeaweedTowers, Or These Crawling Cities, With Their Drowning Cars,  And Their Busy BodyMen,  With Their Bright Lies,  In their Swimming Pools OfDirt,  And their Tentacles Of Thought. No.That All Serves Us Nought.  Just Sucks Us Dry, Until We die.  Let’s Not Have That.  Let’s Order, Jack!  Let’s HaveA chin-chinTo Apollo’s Grin, That Heals And Mocks, All That’s Within.  Let’s Have One more,  Let’s Land On some Shore,  Where Dolphins Sing,Instead Of swim, And Lions Purr,Instead Of Roar,  Let’s Embark, For the Ark, To thatCrazy Park. …Let’s Have A…Sancerre, Pretend We don’t Care.  …Do you Hear That  Croon? Life Out Of Tune?  HearThat whipOf Wings?  Good. NowSee it Salute, To that Mad,Champagne Flute.  Let’s have Another! Let us Not Bother,  With OurGrowing Past  JustSee, How  It Grasps!  Like An infant,OrA Child,It Demands Us Entire. …Aww,Don’tYou Love  Melancholy,  How It Breaks The Monotony,   How it Warms The…TimeLike  Afine Wine?  No!We shallNot Be … Continue reading Let’s Drink by O’ar Pali

Simulacrum by John Jack Jackie (Edward) Cooper

It’s a Belmondo day, a morning À bout de souffle — “The Girl” giving away AM New York mumbles French. Disjunct, the sun, double- jointed like a thumb, traces ellipse, bound to the earth by suspicion, uncertain whereabouts, up to something no doubt, lost in thought. But now the tissue of clouds as illusion tears, letting color there be light, sound deafen exposure of black … Continue reading Simulacrum by John Jack Jackie (Edward) Cooper

Muted Mixtape by Layla Lenhardt

That winter split me like firewood. I was smaller,splintered, Elliott Smith would play on cassette in my blue Volkswagenwhile our breath coursed through flared nostrils and damaged lungs.  *I hid my pain like a sick dog. I slinkedout, under the back deck, I swallowed some pills.In those hideous places I can still smell the acrid, peaty heat of your breath, reeking like remorse.  *But even though you swore that you left I … Continue reading Muted Mixtape by Layla Lenhardt

This Is Not A Power Play by Janna Grace

My white upper middle-class male professor told me no one is interested in reading poetry about male/female power dynamics.  He shook his head over my pastlike a sad sheepdogand said I should really try to stick to nature and “moments of quiet.” I smiled, marked a momentand left. Another time, with a beer, I said I wanted a roomof my own,that maybe that would help me get it … Continue reading This Is Not A Power Play by Janna Grace