My Foolishness by Mark Tucker

My foolishness has no borders
stupidly sneaking into everything
even when I have tried to control it
my foolishness just stares and laughs
until I lose consciousness.

As soon as I awaken it arrives
to immediately start singing rap lyrics
in an irritating operatic voice
until we catch the 6am
and my foolishness turns his attention
to innocent commuters and their own
unique brand of foolishness
that my foolishness quickly insults
or retaliates with a right arm jab to the face
or a head-butt to the nose
which is instantly reciprocated and advanced
by others’ foolishness, until all the foolishness
lies exhausted in a giant pile on the floor;
everyone looking at them, shaking their heads.

Minutes later, all foolishness revives
bear hugging myself and all commuters from behind
while laughing at each other’s disgusting jokes,
which we cringe from, as we break free and try to hide,
only for our foolishness to happily find us, to wear us
all down, as they look naively into our eyes like a child,
and finally we resignedly smile,
rolling our eyes, we accept them

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