Very Convenient by Mark Tucker

the world is one filthy and violent orgy pretending to be respectable, controlled and orderly while humiliating those who are less favoured and fortunate labelled as failures, evil and stupid for not winning the game that the house ultimately wins cannot lose when inheriting rules that effectively weigh the coin toward heads promised lands the minority view as possessing and owning by merit while everyone … Continue reading Very Convenient by Mark Tucker

My Foolishness by Mark Tucker

My foolishness has no borders stupidly sneaking into everything even when I have tried to control it my foolishness just stares and laughs until I lose consciousness. As soon as I awaken it arrives to immediately start singing rap lyrics in an irritating operatic voice until we catch the 6am and my foolishness turns his attention to innocent commuters and their own unique brand of … Continue reading My Foolishness by Mark Tucker