FreeStyle by Donna Dallas

She walks by me
Looks me up and down she sees
I got nobody with me
no money
no jewelry
I got the Puma sneakers
I got the good face
no scars
I got the blue eyes
they always try to scratch
or punch the eyes
there’s three or four
we gonna fight no matter what
nothin I can say or do
gonna change the DNA of us
poor people in the ghetto
which is what we all are
but I got the blue eyes
and the white Puma sneakers
with the purple laces
they want what I got
they want even what I don’t got
run for your life bitch
because I put up a fight
not gonna give up my sneakers
that I paid for
with my hard earned cash
not gonna let them get in at
my face
or scratch out my baby blues
they gonna try and chase
this white bitch
but I am way too fast
I outrun all their sorry asses
back to emptiness
where no one is home to help
same place they all go back to
we are no different

2 thoughts on “FreeStyle by Donna Dallas

  1. Were you the white girl in the ghetto? So was I, for 18 years in Detroit. Congrats, it wasn’t easy.

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