Connected by Sarah Helena

Phones ringing without hesitation, this becomes the nation of unworldly attachment to instant reaction.

The obscurity of our age set on fire by technologically advanced

everyone’s turning into the same person,

Fuelled with mortal visions of an ease that is impatiently awaiting
us at the gates, or some tunnel, in any case I’ve heard that there’s
Some people call it peace. But in truth it’s suicide.

Are we descending or are we approaching the darkest of nights?

Two men sitting in a café, reading the menus, putting the menus
down, avoid eye contact to avoid harm,

communicate not with each other but around each other,

each one’s ear sticking like super glue to some portable fashion
device that’s successfully shrunk our planet into a raisin

-too old for good wine.

We’re all in the same room, all within reach.

Too busy asking ourselves why availability has become a norm?

Junkies on the streets taking selfies and you wander wondering where
has all the shelter gone

and all those multiple outlets for solitude and all those noise-
free, naked branches of freedom?

And you wander wondering if you’re maybe just too old

and the days of one word being stronger than a million

have quietly died under the heavy asthmatic inhalation of a burned
out tower block.

And suddenly, we’re raging. And suddenly, the world’s in shock
as if this robbery of senses had only started yesterday.

This vermin is a bridge for modern cavemen to collide.

Portable fashion devices ringing in their ears at night.

I’m tempted to turn off my alarm and suffocate under the pillow.

Next year, I’m 29, my parents worry ‘cause I’ve got no career but
it’s not like I sit and wait, instead, I work and work and find no
break to consider the goal or even the path.

So, I wander wondering where to even start.

Phones ringing, people are connected into one great chain of deluded
brain mass,

their heads are too full of information to ever understand that
life’s an art.

But it’s hard to distinguish between distraction and vocation and
the fear of stagnation is the reason

why none of us can sleep at night.

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