Too Much Woman by Sarah Helena

Charming and ladylike she stretches her torso towards him as he comes and joins the group
He drinks, she thinks
‘How can I magnetise?’
Roaring and high pitched her voice takes on pitiful shapes
He listens, she yells
‘This is me, I emphasise’
Longing and distant from a sane mind
She swims in fake pride
He gets up, she follows
No one is talking
How can I buy more time?
More wine, more wine.
She sips, he splits
Her eyes drown in liquor
She can’t see the man
but she can see the dream
He can’t understand
what it is that she means
Different conclusions overlap
into an unfulfilled future
He flees, she sees
Past memories.
She runs, they clash
‘Nice to have met.’
He’s quicker than the speed of light
To save himself from too much woman
Too much woman can ignite
Bushfires in his nervous system.

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