GOD INDIA by Sarah Helena

Oh, God India with your 4am japa mala parties, raving to mantras at sunrise as Surya embraces the temples’ rooftops each morning. With your saffron robes and American swamis and Russian devotees and sweet milk prasad. With your every street corner turning into a very public toilet. And your children touching me and crying for money when no “Hare Krishna” will satisfy their needs. What … Continue reading GOD INDIA by Sarah Helena

Too Much Woman by Sarah Helena

Charming and ladylike she stretches her torso towards him as he comes and joins the group He drinks, she thinks ‘How can I magnetise?’ Roaring and high pitched her voice takes on pitiful shapes He listens, she yells ‘This is me, I emphasise’ Longing and distant from a sane mind She swims in fake pride He gets up, she follows No one is talking How … Continue reading Too Much Woman by Sarah Helena

Connected by Sarah Helena

Phones ringing without hesitation, this becomes the nation of unworldly attachment to instant reaction. The obscurity of our age set on fire by technologically advanced parasites, everyone’s turning into the same person, paralysed. Fuelled with mortal visions of an ease that is impatiently awaiting us at the gates, or some tunnel, in any case I’ve heard that there’s light. Some people call it peace. But … Continue reading Connected by Sarah Helena