I Was Drowning Then I Became Water by Khalil Anthony

If you happen to be near hardwood floors, grass, or dirt, lay down there.
Lay your body down. Breathe. Always remember to breathe. Call out the
names of your ancestors while laying down. Close your eyes. Call out the
names of your ancestors. Breathe. Think. Call out the names of your
ancestors. Smell them, hear them, laugh with them, frolic. Be blessed as
you conjure.

Am I so blind that I refuse to see myself in you? In your smile, your anger,
your light? Wasn’t it I who asked for you in my life? If not just to remind me of
my humanity? My flaws, and my joy? I remember another time with you, and
this memory always makes me question now. Who are we to each other if not
reflections of the eternal? And when I am angry at you, am I not as angry at
myself? I am in love with you. As I am in love with myself. This love cannot be
expressed if I bottle it up and throw it to the ocean’s waves. To be so cavalier
as to toss the one love I have to the whims and ways of the ocean’s turbulent
embrace. As I reach out to you, I see that you too reach out to me as well. If I
come to you bruised I will only become more pained. My expectation of having
you heal me is way too much for anyone, especially you. If you are just me, in
another flesh and bone, how dare I ask of you what I cannot do for myself.

I am the horizon kissing your dreams of flight, medicine man for you who
need healing. This body of water that is home for your ship’s travel–I am love
and I ask for nothing but love in return. Expanding and seeking–flying and
landing twisting and turning–dancing and flirting. A place where time and
space disappear closer to you than you will ever know. Without question I
have loved you so, and you walk away as if you haven’t known me at all.
Head lowered, face frowned, hand outstretched, missing you still, and yet I
am love and I ask for nothing but love in return. I sit on stars wondering when
reciprocity will come but cannot spend time wasted like so, I must continue
loving until there is no day, until night dissipates into no thing. I am love. One
day, I am sure, you will let go and let me dance for you–naked and innate,
you’ll let me show you the way home. Until then I’ll sparkle bright in the light,
kiss your cheek with the wind, and make a day and night for you to find joy in.

Every black child I see, or imagine in my mind today, I see you glowing
with a radiant beautiful black smile. Your smile can change the world and
has before. I reach my arms out to each one of you, stretching them past
mountains and valleys and lows and highs to get to each of you
beautiful black beings. And I hug you until we grow into flowers as high as
the clouds. Closer to heaven’s heights. I will rain down and clean the world
today in your arms and through the power in your light. I will open my
eyes and shine unto you, each of you, the ubiquitous light of our creation.
I will reflect the glowing radiance of your beautiful black being back at
you. And we will laugh, and eat the sun, and be the ocean in our daytime
together. And at night we will dream of more beautiful black beings. Boys
and girls of the light, we are here.

Today’s mantra: SANKOFA that WALk! Bring intention and persistence into
the forefront of your adventure today. Raise your consciousness to a high
vibrational level of appreciation of all things that have come and all things that
will come to light. This higher vibration is available to us all and is tied to an
ancestral focus, instilling a certain spring in your step. An intentional footstep
leads to a mystical journey of the unknown, rooted in a connected past. So,

And when they try to kill love. We must stand, fly, into the heavens and share
our light. We must be exemplary. We must hold the finest gatherings, the
most exquisite tea parties, and we must dance. When they try and kill love,
we must dance. Dance till the roof burns the f*ck down. Dance with all the
intensity of a hurricane, all the way from the shores of Africa. We must bring
the house down. we must beckon spirit and say yes we are here. We will
celebrate your life by being here. Remaining here as long as we are
sanctioned to be, and we will celebrate. We must show what love truly is,
that love cannot, and will not be killed. For love is ever lasting. Say that out
loud. Love is ever lasting, love will never die, and you who seek to kill it will
forever be swinging at a ghost. For you are a ghost and one day you will hit
yourself, and you will knock yourself out, but love, love will still be here. Love
will laugh because love always laughs in the face of such blasphemy. Love is
all knowing, and will always love itself. Love will always be singing and
dancing, celebrating her beautiful children. and we will be here basking in
the glow of love. The all knowing of love. We will be here forever singing love.

Today’s mantra: Think of our mothers. Invoke all of that kind of love. Sit on your
great-great-great-great grandmother’s lap and ask for the secrets. Close your
eyes and feel the construction of yourself by the all mighty mothers’ hands.
Say yes to our mothers. Mama, thank you. You got me out here shining. And
all these other mothers meeting me everywhere. Bless you creator. Thank

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