Child Neighbor by Thibaut Narme

Bouncing around is the sisterhood of infancy
Up and down in amity
Saturdays offer endless possibilities
And the backyard is for our flying toys
From March to October
And Dad sets up a pool in summer, when it’s really warm

I bounce everyday, whenever I can
Even when Sister doesn’t
And sometimes, I see the bigger one on the side stairs, going about, or hanging clothes in the sun
And I naturally bear my salutations, all the while bouncing
For a moment, he seems to be like me he returns the hello – lit up
Before returning to his adult self

I went into their garden once
Super-big, never seen rumors of children
There, only grownups:
Tall and old, and all

We had kicked the ball really high, well beyond the wall
We went to look for it in the alley, but got lost
So we asked the dad, can we go in?— his big garden and search
He agreed
And I found it
And I saved the day

We went back on the trampoline to celebrate

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