Skab by Donna Dallas

8th grade all the girls
have tits and they
wear lipstick.  They
got their period.  They
are constantly on the prowl
they ache for the boys.
I am straight, no curves, short hair
flat as a wall
ugly as a boy.
My period didn’t come yet.  I watch
the girls go head on for bases
with the boys.
They want the homerun,
they want to fuck every boy they see.
The boy’s eyes follow the curves of their
follow to the crack between their legs
that they will open up and break holy bread
I follow
wanting the boys to want me
to feel a hand cup my
my hips
but they are straight
they don’t dance under a skirt
when I walk
cheeks don’t peek out of short shorts
nipples are not erect like penis
blood not flowing here
from this canal
The cup is full but does not runneth
down the leg

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