Life and Death of Fallen Stars by Gilles Ansiaux

Abandoned in the arms of a so-called beloved stranger.
Hustling some feelings for a flat to rent.
Lucy would have loved to study further.
But life chose for her…addiction
Addicted to numbers under mattresses,
Smoking papers after charmless gunshots.
And wounds…
Wounds that will never heal…
Heads up
She crossed life but, crippled in her heart, she faced time.
Her age is her strength, her beauty her shield.
She thinks she can hide that way forever.
Unfortunately mirrors answer unfavorably to ticking clocks.
Anyway, for now everything’s alright.
Independent and quite proud of it.
Yet somehow something’s missing.
A presence, a ghost. Nobody that could fill her heart with pure and eternal love.
Love that she never met and will never meet.
Love that vanished in the young ages.
Love that she would exchange for all the sugar daddies she had known.
Love…of a fallen star

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