Instantly Self-Reductive Hologram by Katherine Chan

it’s surpassed “vicarious,” “envious”
it’s idle, mild, but consistent, hence murderous
putting away of the current
decaying of the self
amnesia of the present

the lens into others
others’ moments
others’ othering, momentous mirage
a collage that supports the party of Beauty, Wealth, Intelligence

summer nights are the best time to narrate your Stories
the dance of your body and infidelity
youths exchange in the performative currency
of femininity and masculinity
hopeless desire for impact making
fighting with and against incredulity

but open up the application, the machine of teleportation
the Moments and Stories have not abandoned
the neon advertisement, for the suspension of ignorance
the bliss of self-publishing nothingness is actually contagious
sharing a space sharing everyone else’s

hours in a day spent paying for this space
attention in exchange for attention
like taxes robbed of invisible labour of emotion
but that’s exactly the point:
a cyclical feed of virtual congratulations
to fill the Futurist void while life happens.

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