“side order” by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

don’t leave my bed on sundays
don’t go to church to pray
i leave my back door open
and i’m open every day

you can worship at my altar
just get down on your knees
i’m not the flesh of Mary
but i still aim to please

plastic Jesus on my dashboard
a whole carload of sin
they say God is dead
but She’s just knockin’ back a gin

or whiskey in the parlor
milk and honey on the mind
while the Devil’s in your pantry
robbing you blind     ‘course

your hunger for my pleasure’s
bound to keep us satisfied
you can hunt for buried treasure
i’ll strike oil between your thighs

or tattoo your broken promises
across my breaking heart
have anything on my menu
or just order à la carte

come worship at my drive-in
come roll a dream or two
smoke the whole damn joint down
boy   it’s your funeral   too

they say God is dead
but   Lord knows   She’s just chillin
when the world has gone to hell
come see me if you’re willin’

honey   pass the collection plate
you know love takes its toll
come offer up a tear or two
it’s good for the soul

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