“Robot (sex part I)” by Jenny MacBain-Stephens

The robot does not understand boundaries or limitations or how to being anything other than what it is programed to do, really. He (it) understands commands. Do this do this this. Do. If there is no underlying current of passion behind an action than a command is meaningless. He (it) must be dying for it. But how can I tell when he (it) does not even blink? How can I tell when all receivers are receiving on all ten cylinders the same level of importance as buying a loaf of bread?  (See *)



unbutton my shirt

find the bread aisle

slip it off of shoulders

pick up Home Pride Wheat

unzip my pants

Walk to the self check-out.

slide pants off of my legs

Pass loaf through scanner

kiss my neck

Take out two dollars and fifty-once cents

Put your hands on my waist

Deposit money

Lift my legs up

Bag the bread

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