Holly Grove by Kirsty Allison

The Rye splits
soda crust crack
Giant wrinkle of a woman
Legs in two
Sold out morning-after pills
Bus lane tear
-lined queue
of nylon rat-tails
Companion Louis Vuitton fish heads
Hop scotch bonnets n ill fed
Charm of country train
Lidl acceptance
impatient impotence

Artisan camper van
Electric basement car feed

90s city compass spins
£5 donuts
£4 cinnamon swirls

Jesus creeps, hiding
up all crossroads


Craft mead arches
Pop-up shanty town
Backlit party pyramids
Swiss chanterelle glow
on tarmac

Blonde Sicilian Macbook lemons

Calm Blunt bench

Hot Lips flower bed

Hamburger paper flyers
Juve tags
Phone bass
Mercedes estate

Man walks lion
Red berries on berry black sky

Sky opens, Shard right

I’m home

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  1. […] HOLLY GROVE new poetry published on The Opiate magazine, edited by Malik Crumpler et al. […]



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