“Humiliation for the Instress” by Joseph Harms

Rootcanted graves beneath a fir palatial
appeared to cordon, vet the squirrel that fell
where moments later he’d have stepped as once
a pigeon did in Brooklyn cruciform
within the sidewalksquare prepared for his bootfall.
Paresthesia. Paresis. The Facture.
A hawk lowtiered in fir to oak, the first
to brilliant first to bare, took height and fierce
against the gray yet brilliant sky began
to curse in Thoth’s tongue the superannuate
a moment uncleidoic, squirrel and hawk’s
shared expiry. Usurper. Intruder.
Clayinferrer. Bursitic, ultrabilious
he went on home ashamed to have been born
and rightly so, as well ashamed of his
cordiformsorrow in truth always extant.

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