Heart-Shaped Box by Laura Mega

Tolga was a man, like all men, terrified of his feelings. The sound of his name was somewhat Chinese, but he was originally from Cappadocia. Each time he would have sex with a girl, he would sit on the bed holding a tiny box with his left hand, while the right one close to his chest would take out his fragile heart and place it in the box. Then, carefully, he would hide the box in the darkness under his bed. This was the perfect solution for not involving his feelings so that he could only feel carnal desire. Every girl fell in love with him after he was finished, losing tears over what they could not have (of course, girls always cry for what they can’t have) because he just wanted to fuck them one time and no more.

One day he met a woman named Giulietta. She was afraid of feelings too, so she never allowed a man to touch her before because she didn’t want to her heart to be involved. She was gifted from her birth with the power to relieve the pain of others, and she could even see things before they happened. When she met Tolga, her heart told her to take a risk for once and be completely herself… sometimes you need to feel alive even if it’s going to inflict wounds. While they were kissing and touching, a noise from below the bed got the attention of Tolga and he realized that his heart was in pain and was attracted by the woman’s heart so it was trying to get out of the box. Tolga was perplexed to see how powerful attraction could be. He was scared and he started crying, then he tried to hide his soul behind his body. At this point, the woman came closer to him and started licking his tears. Then she said, “You can’t pretend to hide your heart, because your heart always finds you.”

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