The Isolationist by Alex LeGrys

she drinks too muchon Friday nightsand she makesme cocktails forher lectures beforeopening her favorite self-helpbook she’s muchthinner than I am andher hair is fairer with opal eyes to match I tried corralling her with Schopenhauer or Camus or Beckettyet she never seemed impressed–shesays she wantsto be happy once I told her miseryis motivation–she laughed andhad me turnoff the BBC whilefunneling a cosmopolitandown my gullet she says you can makeyour own world–the trouble … Continue reading The Isolationist by Alex LeGrys

Hippocampus by Alex LeGrys

The angel of acedia is drunkfrom a chalice that neverruns dry–she livesin the grandest chamberof the mind. she is lying naked ona black leather couch, reading a book of Beckett’sor Woolf’s and the onlything she pays heedto is her jade planteach morning she has thick blackhair that she neverbothers brushing andher eyes are so dark theycould never shimmerat children or kittens asyours do she is beautiful … Continue reading Hippocampus by Alex LeGrys