Trees by Betsy Martin

a pithy fall day the hill stippled withpeach, rose, yellowa friend and I stride over it among other walkers, maples oaks, ripple of leaves with breeze brisk on our cheeks we talkabout youth, the old streetsfamilies, secrets, seedswhisked by decades of winds and about necks how to wind a scarfto hide the furrowswe talk about beeches with gray bark-fleshstill bearing initials and heartscarved into themwhen they were young __________________________________________________________________Betsy Martin … Continue reading Trees by Betsy Martin

Fill ‘Er Up by Betsy Martin

there ought to belove stations where people could go who weren’t nurtured enough in their early years you’d approach and be metby outstretched arms  and into you would come an outpouring of what you’d been yearning for:self-esteem, social grace, courage,calm a more civilized society would provide this instead of filling stations for cars parents toohaving had parents themselveswould be encouragedto use the love stations __________________________________________________________________Betsy Martin is the author of … Continue reading Fill ‘Er Up by Betsy Martin