Best Legs in the Baptist Church by Dana Miller

this generation longs so to be famousnot knowingcelebrity loses a certain something under the flash of your own cameranot seeingI only steal because I cannot appreciate anything until it is my own Do you twig? you can have the best legs in the whole Baptist churchyou can watch them try not to sigh and lurchin your direction it’s God’s will they should look awaysomething more … Continue reading Best Legs in the Baptist Church by Dana Miller

Marmaduchess by Dana Miller

I could smell fame and greatness coming since I was the smallest child.I was never built for your tiny version of events.I smelled the potions in the dew, The spell-telling roses twining round the terebinth, teashur and tamarisk trees… All the verve the Vivacaine had lent—couldn’t half match me.And yet here I am, holding all your hours…And here I am, Ophelia fresh out of flowers… Be … Continue reading Marmaduchess by Dana Miller