Ms. Alligator by Hunter Boone

She had the emotional presence of a toothpick, the personality of a comatose eel… A woman I desiredread Antigonewhich she encouraged me to do, so Idid. When I came upon “Teiresias” I said,“I can’t spell that.” She said,“Look it up.” Somewhere. She became that womanyou wouldn’t expect –out of proportionto everything else. When she movedher body slid –of a piece – which caused a problem.The … Continue reading Ms. Alligator by Hunter Boone

A Bowl of Jesus Christ Rice by Hunter Boone

Today at breakfast Sister Mary has pulled out from her cupboardA blue box filled with crispy crosses –edible rice branthe color of amethyst Trix. She pours the milk overher wholesome “t’s” and watches them floatminiature crosses buoyant on a purple sea,the envy of all Carmelites. Sister bows her head and prays overher tiny morsels, eachinfinitesimal snap, crackle and pop,giving thanks for some rangy white-haired Divaback … Continue reading A Bowl of Jesus Christ Rice by Hunter Boone