The Darkening Green by Martin Parsons

It had been Charlotte’s idea, of course. Beautiful Charlotte. Just so, even in her brown school dress, her hideous brown socks, her red beret. She placed a hand on each of her four friends in turn, an exclusive invitation to appreciate her company. “A game, that’s all. Just a little game.” She could have been her mother, biscuit tree in one hand and lemon in … Continue reading The Darkening Green by Martin Parsons

Gargoyle by Martin Parsons

Stony-eyed meets beady eyes and match, latch upon, as masses move on. An undying champion: Set. Game. Won. In surveillance, unblinded by sun. Done. For that dreamless state is become stateless dream, then dream of state, slate wiped clean. One. Staunch with practicality, perched, its practically eternal praxis That rain makes good – – flying buttresses! – – Sitting, spitting… While flitting Round and round … Continue reading Gargoyle by Martin Parsons