An Ode to Evil by Matthew Peluso

Does good always triumph over evil? Not for its victims, for whom timing was everything—too late for them.Not for the millions slaughtered in the camps—was Nuremberg a triumph?The tens of millions un-personed by Stalin, Pol Pot, etc.What benefit to them the death of the dialectic? Reconciliation committees? Nor for the murdered Bosnians, machete-hacked Tutsis, beheaded Afghan women    How have the ex post facto treaties helped them? … Continue reading An Ode to Evil by Matthew Peluso

2021: An Entomological Metaphor by Matthew Peluso

Melipona beecheii, Melipona yucatanicaA.k.a. xunan kab, “The regal lady bee”Stingless, honey-making beesThey cannot hurt other speciesLiving off nectar, not hunting of other insectsEusocial in natureThey live together in multi-generational coloniesAnd care even for the offspring of othersWorshipped by the Mayans for centuriesAs a closer step to GodSpiritual link to Ah Muzen CabMayan god of bees and honeyPath to a higher level of BeingThey are currently … Continue reading 2021: An Entomological Metaphor by Matthew Peluso

Hierophany by Matthew Peluso

Heads on pillows, face to face, a few inches apart Seeing each other with the eyes of our hearts Enlightened. As Paul prayed in one of his famous Letters Post-coital, naked truthfulness in hushed voices Whispered revelations unconditionally accepted Intimacy calmly, quietly shared Time suspended, we become universal Transcendental. Temporarily linked, synched to all those before us Who lay facing each other, similarly On forest … Continue reading Hierophany by Matthew Peluso

Holding On To Happiness, Fleeting by Matthew Peluso

I once made the fatal mistake of saying out loud that we were living in Camelot, and immediately wished I could delete my words through some not-yet-developed virtual software that allows a speaker to issue a verbal undo command and erase my dangerous expression of personal contentment and happiness.   I knew I had roused the attention of the gods and unwittingly placed us on … Continue reading Holding On To Happiness, Fleeting by Matthew Peluso