Nimble: Joker (2019) by Susie Gharib

A clown was my metaphor for the purely puerile.I resented his theatrics to elicit a smilesince I had always been too serious a child. I watched the film trailer and his fiery garbmade my lips curl with its giddy style,but there was something in the way he moved about,after his metamorphosis into a butterfly,that caught my attention and haunted my mind. My armor was pierced … Continue reading Nimble: Joker (2019) by Susie Gharib

Sorcery in the Twenty-First Century by Susie Gharib

There are no pins with which to torture dolls,no potions extracted from a viper’s blood,no drugging to induce paralysis,no incantations to make one hallucinate,no animal slaughtering to appease the gods,no sexual dalliance with the demonic lot.Maleficium is an electronic cult. They can bleed your name on a digital blade,frame you with Lucifer on a hot blind date,rearrange your features with a mouse’s aid,make you the … Continue reading Sorcery in the Twenty-First Century by Susie Gharib

An Alien’s Perspective by Susie Gharib

What’s behind this preoccupation with UFOs, this anticipation of ferocious foes? Aren’t the contorted, alien forms with ugly horns a reflection of your own distorted souls? You project your own mania for wars your abductions of slaves, infants and thrones, your inhuman experiments on animals and clones on extraterrestrial norms. What if our eyes are radiant beams that covet not, nor evil breathe. What if … Continue reading An Alien’s Perspective by Susie Gharib

Suns by Susie Gharib

The sun always shines on TV, sang Morten in the nineteen-eighties when I was poring over books in a tiny room that overlooked Glasgow’s Necropolis cemetery, constantly fending off the blows of smog-and-fog-related melancholies. When my eyes sought a little respite from perusing Lawrence’s Aristocracy of the Sun, on monumental headstones they would alight, nestling to tributes on epitaphs, speculating on how Young, Blair and … Continue reading Suns by Susie Gharib