If The Beasts Could Talk, This Is What They Would Say…

Of all Beatrix Potter’s many tales, she often said it was The Tailor of Gloucester that proved to be her favorite. She even wrote it right around Christmastime of 1901, especially for the daughter of her former governess (oh the Brits with their governesses). In 1902, she was circulating the story “privately” to friends and, by 1903, it was off to the presses for the … Continue reading If The Beasts Could Talk, This Is What They Would Say…

The Poignancy of John le Carré “Bidding Adieu” Before He Could Witness Brexit At Full Tilt

John le Carré had, for all intents and purposes, “thrown in the towel” after 1990. This was the year when his (supposed) last George Smiley book, The Secret Pilgrim, came out. It was an apt (presumed) coda for someone of le Carré’s distinctive genre predilection to cease releasing new work about this particular spy. After all, these novels were rooted in the espionage category that … Continue reading The Poignancy of John le Carré “Bidding Adieu” Before He Could Witness Brexit At Full Tilt

She Was Earning A Living by Anna Kapungu

Times were hardShe was earning a livingThree jobs a dayPaid the rent, school fees and food on the tableNo Easter, summer vacations or Christmas partiesMeals were breakfast in the morningPorridge, homemade bread, water for teaBought charity clothes from the dollar storesLived on friends’ generosity and borrowed moneyBankrupt, the banks refused to give us creditMilk tokens from the government Water was rationedBathed once every two daysWe hardly … Continue reading She Was Earning A Living by Anna Kapungu

Eviction by Susie Gharib

{In memory of our assassinated dog} His Achilles’ heel was his very loud barksthat won him the enmity of the entire neighborhood,   whose idea of a pet is a silent toy with which one could loiter lethargic afternoons, or flaunt one’s wealth in the ability to buy and feed a very expensive dog.  It was only on the day we buried him that we learned the very bitter fact that some … Continue reading Eviction by Susie Gharib

Jackie at 93% by Ben Nardolilli

I’ll get back to her, I’m ready to embrace our answers, presentJackie to me now, I have the strength I need to deal with the modern dayadventures we must plan in order to get know one another, the key? I built it from my historical provisions, which mostly consistof gripping stories, that’s how I ascend through the reality of today Jackie is a must-see, am I … Continue reading Jackie at 93% by Ben Nardolilli

Mere Replication by Victor Marrero

      1                            The more life is given, the more it wants to take away. Its rending always rattles, most insistent for the originalwhen mere replication will not do. You wanted more than sculpture to turn faulty clay into flesh, the earth’s full bounty open to the sky. I had reason to withhold. So your handicap from the start:not apprehending why I halted revelation at the borderline of heartbreak from headlong reason in decline 2 In the … Continue reading Mere Replication by Victor Marrero

Of All The Trailblazing Fashionistas, The Invisible Man Has Been The Most Unexpected

When H.G. Wells published The Invisible Man in 1897, there were major changes afoot. The turning wheels of the Industrial Revolution had impacted the lives of civilization as few technological advancements ever had. With this historical background in mind, Wells’ focus on a scientist gone mad in the pursuit of his quest for “progress” is not out of the realm of possibility. Neither in the … Continue reading Of All The Trailblazing Fashionistas, The Invisible Man Has Been The Most Unexpected

The Well by Sean Chapman

In what way are we all pullingfrom the same well?How deep do we goto draw these imagined watersfrom the dank cavernous depths?Each of us born to a body; tattooedby circumstance, that picked you or mewith a will as breezy and carefreeas a change in the wind.The hollow in our heads all cutfrom the same cheap cookie cuttershapes. What happens insidethese boundaries, how you cook itseems … Continue reading The Well by Sean Chapman

Po by Donna Dallas

PoRiverthat’s the name yoain’t none of yo businesswhat went downor underin that riverdark navyslick sucked you ingot stuck thereday after dayjoint after joint We had nowhere else to gobut PoRiver–been a meeting place for a hundred yearsthey said it’s named after Edgar Allen Poe’cause some boy was serenading a girl rightat this very spotat the river’s edge where the wackaweeds tangle and knotdon’t know what … Continue reading Po by Donna Dallas

#MeToo by Marissa Glover

SomewhereHarvey Weinstein is rottingin a cell, feeling sorryfor himself and blaming womenfor all the troublehis pecker and pride has caused.Epstein’s dead and rotting too.But what about the movie starsand mega-rich who keep makingfilms and money, who knew catswere being kept in gilded cagesand tortured for their skin—this fraternity of bystanders,the Cains who insist they are nottheir brother’s keeper. What about David, the IsraeliteKing, who commanded … Continue reading #MeToo by Marissa Glover