Bookmarks by Timothy Robbins

I laminate bookmarks because I can’t laminate men. Not one bad actor lighting another bad actor’s cigarette in a fake transport plane. Not the stuntman rising from the sand, his parachute opening behind him, framing his safe landing like an O’Keefe canvas. I mark my books because I can’t mark men. Not the astonishing Filipino, maybe named Nathan. Two years of lunch hours visits. He … Continue reading Bookmarks by Timothy Robbins

Ma Rainey by Timothy Robbins

Ma Rainey, in this picture your teeth take the place of song. The USPS usurped your face when they gave you a stamp. 29 cents. I hear you moan “The 29-Cent Blues.” This stamp is your only haven. Your flesh is an insult to Beyoncé’s muscles. Your tassels are tired mops. Maybe it would be different if you swapped your chipped sepia teeth for the … Continue reading Ma Rainey by Timothy Robbins