Of All The “Precious” Celebrity Book Releases, Grimes’ Forthcoming Novel Will Probably be the Least Vexing

Grimes, presumable author name Claire Boucher, isn’t like other famous waifs (well, maybe not all of them were waifish) when it comes to the book publishing scene. Rather than churning out a memoir for financial gain, it seems that Grimes is actually planning to invest the twenty to twenty-five years necessary to create a true masterpiece. And with her scholarly background, citing such classic literature as Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s The Idiot and Charles Baudelaire’s The Flowers of Evil as major influences, it’s undeniable that Grimes at least has the seasoned knowledge of literary greats it requires to put pen to paper (metaphorically speaking, these days).

And she hasn’t just limited herself to the often male-heavy canon of the past either. She’s also plenty well-read when it comes to modern offerings as well. For example, of wrestling champion Ronda Rousey’s My Fight/Your Fight, Grimes stated, “Her dedication to being an autodidact, and the degree to which she has to train mentally to deal with the long hours and exhausting work, really struck me as both instructive and deeply relatable. This book changed my life, and made me feel so much less alone. I think all girls should read it.” Grimes own autodidactic tendencies are also sure to guide her steadfastly through the often grueling and discouraging world of publishing (though of course already having a bankable name helps immensely).

Thus, with her learnedness in books both timeless fiction and au courant memoir-oriented, Grimes has more than enough inspiration to commence on a worthy project of her own. And she’s more than willing to take the criticism it requires for a thorough and lengthy edit. Once again collaborating with HANA, who has sung backup for Grimes in addition to touring with her and putting out The AC!D Rain Chronicles, Boucher is turning to the Montana-based musician for advice, commenting in an Instagram post revealing the project, “Started my novel, but my editor, @hanatruly – informs me that my first chapter needs more showing and less telling. too bad the people don’t want a novel comprised entirely of fake facts about a fake universe.”

Except that many a reader would love a novel of fake facts about a fake universe. Just look at J.R.R. Tolkien and J.K. Rowling’s oeuvre. Then again, the aforementioned aren’t exactly classified as being in the high-brow literary genre–which is precisely what someone with Grimes’ attention to detail and contemplative approach is bound to construct. And while it might seem strange to have a fellow musician act as her editor, sometimes there’s no better critic than a person who knows you well and can see your mistakes objectively, and correct them with according lovingness.

And yes, though it’s slightly sad that it takes the platform of Instagram and the medium of a pop star (albeit a dream and experimental pop star) to get people excited about literature again, at least Grimes has proven herself more than capable of releasing art of an eloquent and quality nature. In essence, you probably won’t be reading sentences fraught with the curse of the millennial voice, like “The end never comes when you think it will. It’s always ten steps past the worst moment, then a weird turn to the left” (if you couldn’t guess, that’s from Not That Kind of Girl). And maybe by the time the manuscript is ready, Grimes will also have worked out her own unique cover art for it, too.

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