Heart Shaped Like Water by Joshua H. Baker

upon a time
an angel sublet a room
in the ghetto. 250 a month.
She had grown up with everything
But unlike many souls, was curious
about those who had nothing.
Her heart did not subscribe
to standard AMA
angel’s blood pumper
was shaped like water, possessed
other aqueous properties, too, on such a scale
‘twas obedient only to Newton’s laws
sensibly ignored all flaws
like quantum mech-
Her heart
respected Newton’s old world
Gravity, friction, slope, as its output
seeped into all hollows, cracks. In such
a neighborhood no other heart, nor hope, extant.
It displayed myriad subtleties
of face-to-face humility
As it stretched,
A fresh sprung
well in the desert, in the end,
she paid scant attention to the gang warnings,
to headlines. Her heart pumped for thousands as
she helped whom she could, and she preferred
to enjoy the smiles she sowed than notice
the failures of many. Even when
she became stretched thin
to the point
of disap-

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