Domestic Goddess by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

He kicked the catout the windowCarved her goldfishup like sushiDinner wasn’t ready on time He wanted it nowAnd I do mean NOW ! Ordered her uppink as rare beef—one tender homemakersimmered in silenceSwallowed her wholeone day at a time The day he beat herbeyond definitionshe navigated commandsin her state-of-the-art kitchenin her gingham apronher cellophane smile She had binge-cleaned                  and purgedthe entire apartment–worshipping at the altarin bulimic … Continue reading Domestic Goddess by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

Sp-eyes by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko

They’re everywhere–   here   therein restaurants in schools in mosques your closet your bed your last paragraph– those curious question marks! Spies with eyes in the back of their headare tracking you like the CIAlike a jealous lover  like a digitalized numberon an overnight package Big Brother surveillance cameras the eyes of your computer the eyes of strangers Facebook   Twitter Instagramstalking you like a wet dream  At the doctor’s office even the stethoscope knows your real name and … Continue reading Sp-eyes by Antonia Alexandra Klimenko