Night Feed by Cameron Morse

Faint heatchimney shimmeramid motesof snowdrifting at the edgeof sight teasing meinto a tentative belief             * Night of disruptedsleep breachof insomnia I holdmy shockedawake inconsolableinfant daughter tomy overburdened chest Overloadedthe mistake I madewith the washing machine trapped in the samebroken cycle             * After eight years on KeppraI’m tired allllthe time my patience wears waytoo thin and now the garden hosewon’t straighten kinking in my … Continue reading Night Feed by Cameron Morse

Stay-at-Home Order by Cameron Morse

I am a child, Ambrose. Today I celebrate my birthduring a pandemic. In my conical party hatI unwrap birthday presentsthough I did not ask, no one asks to be born. I did not choose to be marooned in my childhood homeother men strip of wood rotand reframe, repaint, after their own image. After theyhave finished, it will be as if I were never born. But OK, I’m sometimes OK with that. How many worlds … Continue reading Stay-at-Home Order by Cameron Morse