Night Feed by Cameron Morse

Faint heat
chimney shimmer
amid motes
of snow
drifting at the edge
of sight

teasing me
into a tentative belief


Night of disrupted
sleep breach
of insomnia I hold
my shocked
awake inconsolable
infant daughter to
my overburdened chest

the mistake I made
with the washing machine

trapped in the same
broken cycle


After eight years on Keppra
I’m tired allll
the time

my patience wears way
too thin

and now the garden hose
won’t straighten

kinking in my burning
fingers, freezer burnt
umber red


Were endless wares
of patience stock

piled within me I, too,
could coil a snake

always thinner on film
than I imagine

a spindly spider man


The hive mind or is my mind
a hive of stinging
volts volta’s

a crackling static’s zap!

Knew we should have had
these outlets grounded


Like how many chickens
must be pressure

cooked to mush
how many tons of goop
a day to keep this

human race in business


Or the sun’s harmful rays

just contemplate that phrase

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